Herringbone Flooring For A Luxurious Look In Your Home

The right flooring for your home is so important. Flooring can make a massive difference to the aesthetics of a room, the comfort underfoot and how easy it is to clean. When you are looking for a luxurious look to your home then I would recommend herringbone flooring but what is herringbone flooring and why should you choose it for your home? In this article, I will discuss the use of herringbone flooring and how it can be a good choice for a luxurious look in your home

What is herringbone flooring?

herringbone flooring design

Herringbone flooring is a type of parquet flooring that has a certain type of pattern design. Parquet flooring is made up of short wooden battens that are slotted together in a geometric mosaic. Herringbone flooring uses planks of flooring that are shorter than normal planks. This allows you to create a geometric design, laid out at 45 degrees to the next plank. This is the herringbone flooring design. 

Fixtures and fitting costs

Herringbone flooring takes more time to fit into a home and this will have a knock-on effect on labour costs. You need someone skilled to fit this design as any mistakes will be glaringly obvious. A skilled flooring professional will charge more money to fit this type of flooring due to the time and skill needed to fit it. There is also the cost of buying this type of flooring in the first place, the cutting, sanding, staining and sealing of this type of floor can be expensive. If you are thinking of having herringbone flooring installed it isn’t a cheap option so budget accordingly. 

The design and look 

herringbone flooring
The reason that herringbone flooring is popular is that the design is aesthetically pleasing. The geometric pattern of the wooden planks interlocking can really give a wow factor to any room. This pattern looks especially impressive when covering a large area. It can also make a great first impression in an entrance hall. This can give a high-end and luxurious look to your home.  


Cleaning herringbone flooring is straightforward but must be done properly. You can sweep the floor to keep it clean. Also, a simple mop, water and a floor cleaner for wooden floors work well.  Don’t get the floor too wet so wring out the mop well before you clean the floor. Do not use steam cleaners on the floor as the heat in the steam can affect the glue used when fitting the floor together. By looking after your floor in this way you will keep the good looks of the herringbone flooring for a long time.


In conclusion, herringbone flooring can be pricey but can really give a wow look to your home and give your home that luxurious look. Look after it carefully and its good looks will last for years.

Let me know, do you like the look of a herringbone floor? Would you have herringbone flooring fitted in your home?


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