How To Create An Award-winning Website Design

Websites range from beautiful, sleek and easy-to-use to spammy, cluttered messes. You want to have the first type of website, right? I mean, if you don’t have a stunning website already (maybe it just needs an uplift!). You might have an online store selling all the handmade goods you make. You might have a blog talking about your day-to-day adventures. There are websites for anything and everything. However, one thing is sure. A beautiful website that is easy to navigate goes a long way.

Wouldn’t you like to say that you have an award-winning website? Wouldn’t you love to say that you have such a beautifully crafted website that has not only won multiple awards but also works and attracts visitors and keeps them engaged? These are attainable achievements. After all, you and your brand deserve to have the best possible website.

So, how to create an award-winning website? This is where Ad Lab, website design Bishop’s Stortford comes in. I decided to go straight to the experts with this question, and I was happily surprised when the team of website designers and website developers at Ad Lab gave me some takeaways on how to create an award-winning website design.

Why Ad Lab?

Ad Lab is an award-winning website design agency. They have been designing, building and marketing websites for years. So, their experience coupled with their award-winning websites makes them the perfect people to speak to about this topic. Want to see some of their websites? Browse to check out some of Ad Lab’s award-winning websites.

Now, the question remains… what does it take to create an award-winning website?

Simplicity is key

A minimalist and clean design is ideal for any modern website. By having a clean and sleek website, your customers and/or readers will be able to easily navigate your website, understand the most important pages of your website and feel encouraged to explore it.

This article on the Entrepreneur highlights the importance of utilising white space. “To audiences, a website should come across as sleek, sophisticated and user-friendly. Thus, you should intentionally and strategically utilize white space throughout your site to highlight key elements of each page and make the content pop.”

Accessibility and navigation


Have you ever used the categories on Amazon to find the products you are looking for? I haven’t. That should tell you how important that specific part of their website is (and search in general!). If you already have a website, you should track the most important parts of your website, such as the ones your customers are using the most and improve them to make your customer’s journey as smooth as possible. As Dork Face says, “A website should be easy to use and quick to navigate. It’s essential for your visitors to be able to find what they are looking for as smoothly as possible.”

Prioritise speed and content

Engaging content and a quick website are two important factors to create an excellent website. Where content is positioned, the size and type of content – all of this is essential to consider when creating a website. As Isablog states, “Award-winning websites are fast and have content that speaks right to their target audience. Content should be clear, useful, informative and relevant (you can also make it funny if that’s what your brand is all about!).”

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