How To Renovate The Exterior Of Your Home

Is the front of your home needing a slight sprucing up? Well, you have come to the right place. If your time and attention are constantly diverted to the interior of your home, why not put a little extra effort into the exterior of your home? We know that it can be difficult to decide what aspects of your exterior property need to be updated therefore, we are here to give you a breakdown of what to add or install to renovate the exterior of your home.

Add an extension


An extension is one of the most impacting home renovation projects as although it adds detail to the outside of your home, it also benefits the inside of your home by generating extra space. An extension is a perfect contribution to your home if you require additional space but are not prepared to move house. As the housing market is particularly high at the moment, it may not be the right time to buy property, so expanding your current home may be the best solution. Alongside this, many families are happy within their current home and neighbourhood, therefore moving may be out of the equation. Although a large side extension can balance out the house, smaller extensions can also make a huge impact. For example, a single-storey extension to your utility room, or front of your home can still be impactful.

Install closed-circuit television (CCTV)

It is always appealing when your home exterior is lavish and demonstrates affluence; however, these features can also make it an easy target for theft or damage. It is no surprise that burglars and intruders are most likely to target larger homes that look like they hold quality within, therefore, a CCTV system is crucial to have. Usually, if someone happens to be trespassing on your property with unlawful intentions, they will scope the property to see if they are being watched or recorded. As they want to limit the risk of being caught, if they are likely to notice any form of camera, they will presumably leave the property. Therefore, not only do these cameras impose a threat to the individual on your land, but they prevent a potential crime or damage from occurring. CCTV can also benefit you in other, less criminal offences. For example, if your neighbour or passer-by reverses into your car by accident. For CCTV installation, click here.

Convert the garage


Much like an extension, a garage conversion provides you with the opportunity to acquire extra space without having to move homes, and alongside this, it can often look a lot better than the standard garage door. This can be a great way to renovate the exterior of your home option if you want it to look slightly more modernised as sometimes, a garage door does not always look very sleek. When converting your garage, you can choose to install large, open windows or patio doors that will project natural light into the room and modernise the home exterior. The best part about garage conversions is that they do not always require planning permission, whereas an extension does. Therefore, the process is a lot quicker and easier than an extension. If your garage is filled with unnecessary clutter, get organised and plan your garage conversion today!

Add an exterior living area

Your garden can be used for versatile purposes, so why not bring a living area outdoors? Teak outdoor furniture can renovate the exterior of your home by adding a sense of homeliness and comfort to the exterior, making it look extremely inviting. Although this is predominantly placed within the back garden for privacy purposes, the front garden doesn’t need to be disregarded and left empty. If your front garden is large enough, it can be the perfect area for two chairs and a table, or you could add a small fire pit. This is the perfect area to meet with a neighbour or friend for a coffee and is a great location for a sunny day, or to simply people-watch! 

Within your back garden living area, you can always attempt to make this more impressive. As it is situated at the back of your home, this area can hold more value. Purchasing a corner rattan sofa with a table, or even an outdoor dining table with comfortable seats, covered with a canopy, can act as a great alternative dining area for the summer days. Be sure to illuminate this area so that it is still fully operational in the evening hours. Not to worry, producing this area may not be as expensive as you have anticipated! Purchase your outdoor furniture during the off-season or within seasonal sales for a mass reduction in price, for example, during the Winter or Black Friday sales. As the demand for outdoor furniture is not as high during these periods, it should work out relatively cheaper!

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