How To Modernise Your Home Interior

Looking for a few ways to spice up your home interior to incorporate a more modern design, well, you have come to the right place. Below we have listed a few ways to modernise your home interior.

Create an open plan living area


Open space is highly sought after, particularly within modern-day homes. It has been proven that when searching for a home, potential buyers would prefer a living space that incorporates the kitchen/dining area and living room all within one open space; It appears more homely and makes the space feel airier. This layout is perfect for families with children as they can easily be watched from the kitchen when parents are cooking dinner. If the option is available to knock down a wall to combine these areas, then what are you waiting for, go for it! Alternatively, you could always place panelled windows or doors in between the two areas so that they are somewhat combined. If this option is not available to you at all, you can easily make your living area more open-plan or spacious by incorporating mirrors as their reflections create the illusion of a larger space!

Update alarm systems

Although alarm systems do not technically contribute to the modern aesthetic of your home, it is necessary to ensure that your home is updated in the alarm department. Interlinked fire alarm systems are highly beneficial to have within your home as no matter where a fire may start within your property, the interlinked system will indicate to all aspects of the home when there is a fire occurring. In Scotland, there are new rules and regulations regarding fire alarm systems, and all systems must be interlinked by February 2022. This is simply to maximise safety precautions within your property to keep your household safe and indicate any signs of fire straight away. Click here to inquire about fire alarm installation.

Invest in modern technology

Ensuring that you have modern technology featured within your home is a must-have for an ultra-modern look, after all, an old Philips tube TV will not look too sleek placed within a contemporary style living room. Instead, opt for a flat-screen smart TV and wall mount this on the feature wall of rooms. Avoid placing wall art or picture frames around the TV, this will only look cluttered. You may also want to invest in a smart speaker. Smart speakers such as Google Home or Amazon Alexa are the perfect investment and believe us when we say that these speakers are well worth the money, and you will find yourself using them every day! To be honest, we don’t know the best part, the quality of sound, the fact you can turn your TV on through it, or the chance of having your very own electronic personal assistant!

Add greenery to the space

plant lounge

Another way to modernise your home interior is to add greenery to the space through plants. Plants are highly used and sought after within current modern interior design as they make any space look more alive and energised. As modern colour schemes nowadays seem to feature a variety of neutral tones including grey, beige and white, sometimes a pop of colour can break this space up. You can use a small plant to add some decoration to a coffee table or sideboard, whereas you can use a large plant as a statement piece for the corner or centre of a room. It is important to note that plants are a very effective form of decorating, however, use them in moderation as too many can cause clutter and project a messy look, making your space look the complete opposite of modernised.

Freshen up with paint/wallpaper

A fresh coat of paint can make all the difference to your interior walls. To modernise your home interior, try to refresh white walls and ceilings and incorporate contemporary colours for accent walls such as teal blue, dark grey, lime green, or black. Alongside this, to add texture to the main rooms such as the living room, dining room, and bedroom, opt for a patterned or abstract wallpaper to add additional texture to the space. With a variety of removable peel and stick wallpapers hitting the market, it is now easier than ever to have wallpaper within any room of your home.

Add some wall art

You can easily modernise your home interior by adding wall art to sizable feature walls. Wall art can come in the form of canvases, framed wall prints, or even a large metal piece or a mirror. For a unique touch, create a DIY abstract canvas. This can easily be completed by purchasing a large blank canvas and collecting a few different colours of paint that correspond with the room’s colour scheme. Take inspiration from social media platforms including Instagram and Pinterest and gain an insight into different styles of artwork, so that you can easily produce your canvas art. Present-day modernised artwork usually features a lot of abstract shapes and designs, so there is no need to worry about it being too neat!

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