Fun STEM Projects To Do At Home

Whether you’re looking for a rainy-day project, want to have some fun at the weekends or simply want to broaden your horizons, what better way to do so than with STEM projects at home?

Although you probably won’t be doing anything too groundbreaking, we’ve put together some STEM-themed activities that you can do with your kids to help with problem-solving and, importantly, boredom!

Projects to try


Make a cloud in a jar

After all, who wouldn’t want to make a fluffy cloud in their own kitchen?

If you’re looking for a good starter STEM project, a great starting point is making your own cloud in a jar. To do so, pour some hot water into a container and swill it around. Then, spray some aerosol in the jar and put the lid securely on.

Then, simply pop a few ice cubes on top of the jar and sit back and watch your cloud form! Just be extra careful with the hot water though!

Create DIY unicorn slime

If your child likes to get messy occasionally, then be sure to find the time to make unicorn slime. By combining craft glue, baking soda and contact lens solution (yes, really!), you’ll be able to teach children about processes, and procedures and even touch on the topics of chemical change and polymers.

If you’re wondering where the unicorns come into matter, simply add some bold colours and glitter to transform run-of-the-mill slime into extra special unicorn slime! 

Play with LEGO

A firm favourite with adults and children alike, LEGO education kits are designed to inspire children to give computing and coding a shot.

As well as providing hours of endless fun, LEGO combines hands-on STEAM-based kits with digital resources that make learning a hands-on, fun experience. What’s not to love?

Explore Pi

If your child has a keen interest in maths, why not have some rainy-day fun by exploring pi? To begin with, calculate pi by measuring the circumference of an object using a ball of string. Then, using the same string, measure the diameter and divide.

Whether you’re measuring a circular table or plate, if the object is truly round, the answer will always be pi.

(That’s 3.14 if you’re not already aware!). 

Build a fort

Building a fort isn’t only exceptionally good fun, it’s also educational too! By giving your child sheets and clamps, they can put their architectural flair to the test and start building a fort to be revered.

Although it may not seem like a STEM activity to the naked eye, building a fort is thought to help develop critical thinking skills. 

Memory games

As many children's development has been negatively impacted by the pandemic, memory games are a great way to catch up.

Brain games are proven to boost concentration and enhance brain function, so they’re a great thing to try at home. Whether you play the shopping list game, the magic cup game or picture bingo, you’ll enhance your child’s problem-solving skills in a heartbeat. 

The egg drop challenge

A classic STEM game is the egg drop challenge. As the name suggests, this challenge entails designing and building a device that keeps an egg intact when dropped from a height.

As well as being great fun, this innocent-looking game is used to introduce children to physics, materials science and fluid dynamics.

Which will you try first?

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