7 Job Search Tips That Will Get You The Job You Want

If you are looking for a job, whether you are a teenager looking for your first job or want to move on from your current job, you may not know where to start. I mean, where do you look and who do you contact to find a job?  However, there are a number of things you can do and places to look that will make your job search easier.


Let's look at 7 job search tips to help you get the job you want.

Utilise the people you know

Using your contacts can be great especially if you are looking for your first job.  Do you know anyone who works in a shop, cafe, restaurant, office or factory that can keep their eyes open for you and tell you if there are any jobs going? There are many sites that can help you produce your first CV if you don't already have one so get creating and as soon as you see a potential job send you C.V in.

Don't forget the Job Centre

Many towns and cities in the UK have a Job Centre. The Job Centre can help you if you are unemployed to find a job, but they also have a website were you can search for jobs if you already have one. It's worth searching for the Job Centre Plus online. You can also search via locality too. 

University links

If you are coming up to graduation, your university or college can help with your job search and often have contacts in the industries that they provide courses for. Graduation shows, where you display your work. also attract employers, both local and national and sometimes international. Use those university links to the best of your ability by getting your foot in the door with an employer.

Careers fairs

Specific organisations may hold careers fairs at certain times of the year, often before Christmas or in the summer when they need to recruit. There are also a number of general careers fairs that go around the UK recruiting on a regular basis. Just search online for 'careers fairs near me'.

General job sites

There are a number of general job sites that can help you with your job search, sites such as Indeed and Monster. You can create a profile on these sites and you can also upload a CV. They can be good to access a large number of roles however you may feel overwhelmed as they are not particularly specific. 

Specific recruitment agencies

Specific recruitment agencies can be a great way of finding a job. If you are a nurse try specific nurse recutiment agencies near you and also NHS Jobs, If you are a teacher again there are often recruitment agencies locally for teaching jobsThis also applies to construction and hospitality jobs.  If you are looking for a certain area in your niche, such as midwifery or early years teacheing, these specific recruitment agencies are the way to go.

Social media

Don't forget companies often share their job requirements on social media. Facebook and Twitter can be good places to look. On Twitter utilise hashtags such as #jobsearch #jobs and #careers and type of job.  Also don't dismiss Linkedin. It is probably the best place on social media to look for a professional job.  Linkedin has a specific job section and you can set up a job alert as well as build a resume. 

So here are 7 job search tips that will get you the job you want. Let me know, how did you get your dream job? 

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