5 Benefits Of Sending Your Child To Nursery

So your child is coming up to nursery age and you are considering whether or not you should send them to a nursery.  There are a number of reasons to use a nursery for your child and whether you need to take them due to work commitments or not there are a number of benefits of sending your child to a nursery. So whether you are looking for the best nursery in Nottingham or Newquay, let's have a look at what the benefits of sending your child to a nursery are. 

Learning through play

toddler playing
One of the main reasons to send your child to a nursery is the learning opportunities they have. In the nursery, children learn through play, they learn through singing songs, they learn through playing games and they learn through interacting with teachers and other children. A nursery may have facilities or equipment you do not have at home, such as play equipment, musical equipment, IT facilities, or a large outdoor play area, so this is a bonus if they do.

Encourage social skills

When a child goes to nursery, mixing with other adults and children their age helps to improve their social skills. Social skills for example, like learning to share, working with others, learning to take turns, listening to others, and generally improving their communication skills. Playing with other children helps them build empathy and understanding of others too and they will realise in their own way that each child is different.

Helps build routine and confidence

If your child is attending nursery it helps to build up a routine. Before you know it they will be at school and a placement at a nursery helps prepare your child for this.  Some of the routines will be similar and it can help the child adjust to school eventually. Learning to listen and understand instructions is an important part of this. Through routine, safety and security are built, the child knows what is expected of them, and rules are set. This all helps build confidence as well as taking part in activities and learning opportunities.

Building immunity

children playing water

Nurseries are said to be good at building immunity in a child as they come into contact with other children. Especially good are nurseries with outdoor play areas that are diverse. A study showed that greener play areas boosted children's immune systems. Exposure to common illnesses can help strengthen their immune system when young and this will help prevent them become ill as they grow.

Time to yourself

Taking your child to a nursery gives you time without childcare responsibilities. Whether that is for you to work, for you to catch up on household chores, or for you to have some breathing space. As parents, we are filled with guilt on a daily basis and may worry if we doing enough for our children, but we have to look after ourselves first. So make sure you don't give yourself a guilt trip and ensure you take that time and use it to the best of your ability, and yes that includes meeting up with friends and going to a spa! You are worth it.

So as you can see there are many benefits of sending your child to nursery. Have you seen your child benefit?

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