The Benefits Of Buying A Bailey Of Bristol Motorhome From White Arches

Over the last couple of years, there has been a revolution in holidaying in the UK and more and more people are taking a staycation.  Although a staycation has been traditionally thought of as a holiday in your actual home with perhaps a few day trips, this phrase is now widely being used to refer to travelling all over the UK instead of going abroad. With the rise of a staycation then the sale of motorhomes has boomed. Let's have a look at the benefits of buying a motorhome, and specifically a Bailey of Bristol motorhome. This is an advertorial in conjunction with Bailey of Bristol.

The Boom In Staycations

The boom in staycations has seen many people holidaying in the UK. So why has this happened? This has happened due to restrictions on travelling abroad due to the pandemic. Is it something to be sad about though? The UK is a beautiful and green island and these restrictions have meant that many people are exploring the country that they live in and really getting to know it, rather than going abroad. This has meant that motorhome holidays have been more popular than ever before, but what is a motorhome?

What Is A Motorhome?

Adamo Motorhome
A motorhome is a recreational vehicle, a home on wheels which has self-contained living. 

The Benefits Of A Motorhome

Interior motorhome
There are many benefits of a motorhome. Let's have a look at what they are.

Of course, the main benefit of owning a motorhome is that you have a home with you. No need to book a hotel or bed and breakfast anywhere you travel. You park your motorhome in a designated park and you have everything you need. Modern motorhomes have toilets and showers in the vehicle as well as cooking facilities and have high specifications 

Another benefit is that, after the original outlay, you have a cost-effective way of travelling. If you are a remote worker or are retired, you can be in a different place every day. Great for those of us that like to explore.

Even though I talked about staycations in the UK, you can also take your motorhome abroad, just drive onto the ferry or take the Eurotunnel and you can explore Europe in your motorhome and have a little of your home comforts with you.

Motorhomes are great for impulse breaks too, so if you fancy a weekend away just take your motorhome and drive it to the nearest touring park. No need to book a hotel, although in high season you may need to check that there is space available at a site. 

Motorhomes are really great if you have pets too as you can take them with you, without the need for getting a pet sitter or putting your cat in a cattery or dog in a kennel. 

Why Buy From White Arches

Autograph III Graphite Cab

When buying a Bailey of Bristol motorhome, there are a number Bailey Approved retailers, such as White Arches. White Arches sells caravans and motorhomes from their base in Northampton. Established 50 years ago in 1972, this family-owned company has grown and established itself as one of the best caravan and motorhome companies in the UK. 

As well as Bailey of Bristol caravans and motorhomes,  they sell Adria Motorhomes and the brand Auto Trail. If you are looking for a bargain check out their range of used motorhomes from well-known brands too. With finance available and backed by Black Horse Finance, this independent retailer can help you purchase your dream motorhome too. The White Arches philosophy is to provide a friendly and professional approach and provide the best advice to ensure that their customers are matched to the right vehicle.

Bailey Of Bristol

If you are looking for a new motorhome check out the
360-degree virtual tours to have a real feel of how luxurious the new Bailey of Bristol motorhomes are.  This is a good way to check out the layout and see which motorhome will fit into your lifestyle. I personally love the Autograph 81-6. This motorhome is top of the range, with a Peugeot sat-nav system, Italian design overhead curved locker doors, a combined oven, grill and hob, and pre-wiring for Wi-Fi (2022 onwards), you know you will travel in style.

Keep up to date with the Bailey of Bristol caravan and motorhome news on their website where you can find blog posts, events and travel inspiration.

Let me know, where would you travel if you owned a motorhome?



  1. We had friends who owned a motor home and it was great being able to just go away whenever you wanted, without having to think about booking rooms etc

  2. If we had a motorhome I'd definitely travel around Scotland and go to proper remote places as I wouldn't need to worry about hotels etc x

    1. I want to do the North Coast 500 in Scotland next

  3. I have quite a few friends who bought motorhomes over the past two years, and are now touring the UK every time they have time off. It's a great way to save money on accommodation and also have everything you need with you at all times.

    1. It is a great way to save money after the initial outlay

  4. I dream of having a motorhome, or at least a converted van. My Mr's family own motorhomes and we've travelled to lots of places in theirs, including Germany with the kids. They're so amazing, I wish I could afford one now, but we're definitely saving for one!

  5. I wouldn't have considered this before but I have to say I have in recent years been keen to get my own motor home. It's perfect for exploring the UK.

    1. It is a great way of exploring the UK and abroad

  6. Most of our friends own a campervan, caravan or a motorhome but we have yet to get one for family. Reading your post, I can see the benefits of owning a motorhome compared to the others