Why Opals Are Supremely Beautiful And Cherished

Gemstones are great for fine jewellery because of how their beauty and their uniqueness, and giving jewellery with a birthstone is a special gift, but what is a birthstone? A birthstone is basically a gemstone that represents one of the 12 months, specifically the birth month of the wearer.

The Opal birthstone is one of the most cherished stones signifying the month of October. Opal is meant to bring its wearer confidence and hope, making it the perfect gift to those born in this month.

The opal stone is the perfect stone to capture the desires and wants of the wearer and reminds them of the future they want to aspire towards. These stones come in a vast range of colours and have intricately subtle patterns that make each piece unique to its wearer.

The stone is a mineral that is formed by the process of natural, gradual heating of silica gel found in the cracks between rocks. It is commonly found in two varieties, common opal, and precious opal, based on its ability to produce a colour play effect under white light.

History of opals

The word ‘opal’ has origins that are unknown. Many argue that the word originates from the Latin word, ‘Opalus” which was recorded in 250BC. Others say that it’s roots stem from Ancient Greek compounds called Opallios, which loosely translates to “a change in colour”. Some suggest that Upala, the Sanskrit word for precious stone, is the original root of the word Opal.

Opal birthstones often display captivating varieties of colours for which it is called the Queen of Gems.  

The stone signifies loyalty, faithfulness, hope, confidence, braveness, and purity. It is said to be blessed with many beneficial properties that help with vision, both of the eyes and for internal visualization like your dreams and imaginations.

The stone was a rarity in European empires, which made it a highly prized stone. Many claimed that it was a very precious and magical stone that was capable of bringing good fortune to the wearer and earlier legends say it could make the wearer invisible if used right.

Range of colour

The opal is very appealing and popular because of its multicoloured appearance. What really sets this stone apart, however, is the interaction of all its colours and the illuminating flashes it presents under white light.

The presence of these interactions and flashes is what is called 'colour play effect' and is the demarcating factor that sets opals apart from other stones and each other. When the stone presents a rainbow-coloured iridescence while held under light, it is a precious opal and if it doesn’t, it is a common one.

Most opals have one base colour, without regard to them being translucent or opaque. These colours range from yellow to turquoise-like nuances and all the way to milky white. Owing to the specific way it is formed, it’s not uncommon to encounter opals that are completely unique to a single location or region in the world.

One of the most popular examples is the black opal, which comes from the town of Lightning Ridge in Australia. These stones have a dark background, ranging from black to dark blue, and are somewhat opaque, with broad, rainbow-coloured patterns on the surface.

Some common opals became admired for their absence of play-of-colour, typical for precious stones. The mixture of different colours makes these stones subtly attractive, even with the absence of the iridescent glow.

How to maintain Your opal jewellery

The effect created by opals depends majorly on the vivid interplay of colours created by refractions. This is why even minor scratches or grazes can impair the beauty of the stone drastically. When buying an opal piece, you should know that routine maintenance is a must to keep this stone preserved.

Opals have a high concentration of water and are more susceptible to heat and sudden temperature changes. Keeping the stone in a cool and slightly humid environment is the best way to avoid scratches and cracks.

Since they are porous in nature, they shouldn’t be cleaned with detergent or cleaners and instead with water and mild soap for a very short period.

Opal birthstones are beautiful stones that will become a cherished present to anyone born in October. Even common opals are so beautiful that anyone can afford a splendid and unique piece of fine jewellery and adorn themselves with its splendour.

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