Top Tips for Helping Your Child With Maths

Maths is a crucial element of the school curriculum and a subject your child has no choice but to study until the end of the GCSEs. Unfortunately, this doesn’t come as good news to many children, as it can be quite a tricky subject to grasp, especially for those who are more artistic or literary inclined. With that said, you might have to find ways to help your child see maths in a more positive light and become more familiar with basic equations. Here are some tips from an independent school in London. This is an ad

Helping your child with maths does not mean you need to be a maths genius yourself. In fact, taking over It’s more about helping them to become more confident and equipped to deal with problem solving. Set your child achievable goals on a regular basis and praise them when these goals are reached, to allow them to feel that they can do anything they set their mind to.

When it comes to maths homework, it might help your child if they have a study buddy to sit with so that they can help each other with the more challenging questions. You could also contact your child’s teachers and ask for some recommendations on age-appropriate learning resources, like online games, that can help them with their overall comprehension.

It’s also important to help your child feel more comfortable with numbers and simple sums. If your child is young, there are lots of nursery rhymes that can help them with their counting skills, such as “Ten Green Bottles”. For older children, you could take them along next time you go grocery shopping and ask them to calculate how much the cost will be when you reach the till. You could also ask them to help you with the cooking, as this will involve measuring ingredients and calculating oven times.

There are also lots of board games that involve addition, subtraction and multiplication, such as Monopoly for example. These sorts of activities will show your child how prevalent maths is in everyday life and that it can actually be quite fun. This will help them feel less intimidated by maths in their lessons.

These are some tips, do you have any ideas how to help children with maths?

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