Styling Your Home For Winter

As the nights draw in and the temperature drops, you’re probably looking forward to staying cosy and warm indoors. You will likely be spending more time at home than usual this winter, so it’s important to create an atmosphere that can help you to relax and unwind. With these top tips, you style your home for the season and look forward to cosy nights in and festive treats:

Embrace New Colours

bathroom tiles

Updating your décor can transform your home and give it a new lease of life. From neutral paint colours to bright, vibrant wallpaper, there are endless options to explore. You can even overhaul your kitchen and bathroom without committing to a full renovation project. Grey kitchen and bathroom tile trends are popular this season, so why not add new tiling to update these key areas of your home? With fresh tiles and new accessories, it’s easy to make a room feel brand new.

Incorporate Greenery

Bringing nature indoors lets you enjoy the outside world without venturing outdoors. Greenery is a fantastic way to make your home feel alive and there are plenty of winter flowers and plants to choose from. Whether you opt for a Christmas rose and Winter honeysuckle or Winter aconites and Winter Heather, you can incorporate colour and scent which you fill your home with greenery.

Add Texture

sofa and cushion

Adding varying textures to a room can make your interior design come alive. While you can use paint effects and specialist wallpaper to achieve this, there are simpler ways to add texture to your home during Winter. Simply layering throws and blankets on sofas and across the back of chairs will give you the extra warmth you’re looking for. Similarly, new cushion covers will complement your existing decor but give each room a new feel.

Use Festive Fragrances

When you’re styling your home, you never want to overlook the importance of scent. Choosing an aroma that’s well-suited to Winter will reignite memories of Christmas past and put you in the festive spirit. Vanilla, cinnamon and pine are all top Winter scents, but ginger, clove and nutmeg are also popular. With scented candles, potpourri or diffusers, you can enjoy a subtle scent that permeates throughout your entire home.

Get A Portable Fireplace


A portable fireplace is a great way to add atmosphere and warmth to any room. Wood burners and real log fires may be picturesque, but you’ll need to have these professionally installed and situated in one location. With a portable fireplace, however, you can move it to any area of your home and create a fantastic ambience. Whether you’re entertaining friends and family or settling in for a quiet night, it will create a comfy and cosy environment for you to enjoy.

Make The Most Of The Season

Winter may bring rain, cold temperatures and dark evenings but it’s also a season that’s filled with fun and festivities. By styling your home now, you can make the most of everything Winter has to offer and enjoy the crisp air, twinkling lights and cosy nights in.

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