Why Vintage Engagement Rings Are So Popular

There is definite interest in vintage engagement rings at the moment, with people enjoying the uniqueness, the history, the heritage and beauty of a vintage engagement ring. Vintage and antique rings attract the attention of couples looking for something a little different, from the design to the diamonds set in white gold or platinum – these rings have excellent investment potential.

Let us look at some of the reasons that vintage engagement rings are so popular.

diamond vintage engagement ring
One reason is the price. An older ring, with an unfashionable setting, can often be sold for less than the value of the stones it contains. This is because it can be hard to properly assess diamonds while they are mounted in a setting, and removing them from it for inspection can damage the setting. This means that rings that have been sold off from deceased estates or to raise emergency funds, can be sold for less than fair market value. So, if a couple falls in love with a ring that is preloved, they could well be able to snap it up as a bargain, getting a better deal than even they know! They could then set the diamonds in their own ring, and use the gold as well to make a bespoke piece or wear the ring as it is, in its own beauty as an engagement ring.

Often, older rings have been custom-designed, and will therefore be unique. This is especially true of rings made by hand, before the advent of modern technology. Many of these rings are handcrafted so you have a beautiful and different style of ring. A unique design, unusual setting, or some other quirk can make a vintage ring a one-of-a-kind proposition: perfect for a couple that feels that they break the mould in their own way!

unusual ring
Sentimental reasons are another motivation for choosing a vintage ring. This is especially true if the ring belonged to an elderly relative on one side or the other. Wearing a ring that has been in the family for many years can be a way for the couple to cement their commitment to each other, an awareness that their union is meant to be eternal. If there are images – paintings or early photographs – showing other family members wearing the ring this can really bring home the sense of family and unity that are the keystones of any successful marriage.


sapphire ring
A similar sense of history is often felt by purchasers, even if they are entirely unrelated to the original owners of the ring, and have no mementoes or clues as to who wore the ring last. A meaningful and distinctive engagement ring with a rich history behind it can be a treasured possession once again. This represents both a rejection of cookie-cutter newness and a celebration of survival and standing the test of time, both of which are, again, symbols of a successful union and true partnership.


A vintage engagement ring is a sustainable option. There is no extra mining for stones or metals that can disrupt the eco-system, so it's perfect for the potential bride that cares about the environment.  A vintage engagement ring is a sustainable option, that is earth-friendly.

And finally, many people choose vintage rings because they are beautiful! Hand-crafted, carefully selected diamonds, unique and clever settings and designs can all add up to a gorgeous and highly desirable ring that you will be proud to wear on your finger for many more years to come.

Let me know, would you wear a vintage engagement ring?



  1. I like vintage jewelry in general. My engagement ring is vintage and i absolutely love it!

  2. There are some stunning vintage engagement rings. I know I've been tempted a few times to buy some for myself. I love that they tend to be far more unique.

  3. I definitely would! My engagement ring isn't quite vintage but it is at least 35 years old as it was Steve's mums - its gorgeous!

  4. I love vintage style jewellery because it's so unique and you don't see others with similar styles which is probably why it's so popular. I like my pretty modern ring though x

  5. I love vintage rings because as you say they are often unique and I love the idea of it is a ring with history. Would love a vintage engagement ring over a modern one.