Helping Your Child with their Education Through the Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic is undoubtedly the biggest crisis the nation has faced for many years, causing problems for the economy as well as our children’s education. With that said, it’s important for parents to try and find ways to help support their child’s academic endeavours so that they can overcome the challenges they’ve faced over the last few months. I have teamed up with a senior school in Hampshire to offer you the following advice. This is an ad.

First of all, try not to be too hard on your child if they appear to be struggling a little with their schoolwork. After several months of school closures, it’s not surprising that some children have fallen behind and have found the transition back into a structured environment quite challenging. They will need to know that they have your full support, which will involve patience and sympathy, as well as some extra guidance.

Do some research into age-appropriate learning resources, including interactive games that your child could play to boost their understanding of certain subjects in an enjoyable way. If you’re struggling to find educational activities for your child, don’t hesitate to contact their teachers for some suggestions. Perhaps these are things you can do together so that your child doesn’t feel alone in their pursuit to improve their grades. It may also be worth looking into hiring a private tutor. If this is too expensive, perhaps having your child study with an older student, like a friend or relative, to help keep them focussed and on the right track. This can even be done remotely on Zoom or Skype.

Sometimes, poor performance in school stems from a lack of confidence. If you think this might be the case for your child, try and find ways to help rebuild their self-esteem. This doesn’t mean complimenting and praising them all the time, although in small doses this can be beneficial. Give your child some responsibilities about the house so that they feel like you trust and have faith in their abilities. If you help them regain some of the independence they lost when they were trapped indoors for months, their school subjects will feel less intimidating.

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