5 Items Of Jewellery All Men Can Wear

Men today are more fashion-led than ever before and there is a real market these days for jewellery in men's fashion. However many men may still be wary of jewellery, and most want to balance the look without going over the top. The key to this, especially if you are new to wearing jewellery, or want to buy jewellery for your partner for the first time is to keep it simple and sophisticated. So let's have a look at 5 items of jewellery all men can wear.


One of the most acceptable forms of jewellery for a man is a ring. Many men wear wedding bands in gold or silver and platinum and palladium are also popular these days. The giving of a ring is also a symbol of togetherness whether you are married or not. You can't really go wrong with a simple ring as an item of jewellery.

Men are also comfortable these days wearing rings for a fashion statement perhaps with initials engraved on them, in Celtic designs, or even inset with precious stones, the flashier pieces coming out for a night on the town. You can even get spinning rings and skull designs when you want to take the fun fashion up a level.


A watch is another item many men own, although fewer watches are bought than in the past due to how technology has changed with men having phones that tell the time. A watch can be bought for a few pounds or a few thousand pounds, it's all down to quality, craftsmanship, function, design and brand. The best quality is made by artisan Swiss watchmakers. Watches also have many functions these days from counting your steps to being a stopwatch to having GPS, whilst specialist watches are made for divers, fitness fanatics and even pilots.

Watches have become a real style statement these days with designer watches going for thousands of pounds. A designer watch that's of an impeccable brand, such as an Omega, Rolex or the very high-end Panerai is also an excellent investment that can be given to a child and passed on as an heirloom.

Bracelets or Bangles

A bracelet or bangle is thought of as a modern choice of jewellery for a man but simple chain link and curb bracelets in gold have been worn for hundreds of years by men. Some men wear bracelets as a fashion or wealth status today, with bigger gold and silver bracelets being popular in rap music for example. Bracelets can also be functional with medical alert bracelets being more stylish than ever.

Modern bracelets from a company like Treasure Bay can be made of silver, cord or leather and plaited in a design for a more casual look whilst a classic silver bangle can be masculine and stylish at the same time but still modern.


If you have to wear a suit to work then cufflinks are essential to many mens' wardrobes. Cufflinks can be classic and stylish or fun and quirky to go with your personality. Go for simple silver or gold cufflinks for a standard classy choice and you won't go wrong, just be sure the cufflinks are in the metal the man wears.

Cufflinks can also be worn for formal occasions such as a wedding, a cruise, a day at the races and more. Personalised cufflinks are a great choice for a wedding or anniversary too, or what about a very special pair with a diamond design.

Necklaces and pendants


Some men shy away from a necklace as it can be hard to get right but modern men embrace it. A necklace can be a style statement again think chunky silver chains but for a subtle look a simple pendant can be a more stylish choice, Make sure the chain is not too thin and lightweight.  Cross pendants can be worn if you are religious and again medical necklaces can be surprisingly good-looking these days.

Dog tag style pendants are a modern choice that reflects an army look and can be fun, whilst cord and leather necklaces are a more casual fashion-led look that some will like. 

Let me know, does one of the men in your life wear jewellery?



  1. I love the ideas here, I do love mens jewellery and I think these days men are starting wearing jewellery for themselves

  2. Some fabulous inspiration for jewellery gifts for me. Have to admit, I've always been put off men wearing necklaces... I don't know why, just never floated my boat! Sim x

  3. My partner is not a jewellery wearer. The only one o am bothered about seeing him in is his wedding ring eventually!
    He won’t even let me buy him a watch! I do like that chain though x

  4. These are great ideas! I often try to encourage my husband to try a new ring or a dressy watch, but he has a hard time picking ones!

  5. My Dad has never cared much for it, he wears his wedding ring and a watch. My husband does like to wear some.