White Wine Review - Malvirà Treuve 2015 Langhe DOC From Independent Wine

Recently Independent Wine got in touch with me and asked if I wanted to review some of their premium Italian Wine. I mean who could resist a request like that, so of course, I said yes. This is an ad in conjunction with Independent Wine but as ever all words and opinions are my own.

Who are Independent Wine? Independent Wine are a company that live and breathe premium Italian Wine. They handpick the best wine from Italy taking into account superior flavour and quality and bring these to their valued customers in the UK. Working directly with the vineyards and wineries means their wines are competitively priced for the exceptionally high standard.

Being experts in wine, they also have a great online wine knowledge base, so if you don't know your Chianti from your Barbaresco or your Chardonnay from your Pinot Noir, then all the information is there. Great when you want to try something different or if you are not sure which wine to choose to go with dinner. 

Malvirà Treuve 2015 Langhe DOC, Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Arneis


The white wine they sent to me was the Malvirà Treuve 2015 Langhe DOC. This wine is a blend of Chardonnay, Sauvignon, and Arneis grapes. Each variety of grape is fermented separately in oak, then blended and matured in oak for another 12 months. 

wine label

Finally, the wine is aged for 12 months in the bottle. 

Marcus with a glass of wine

So I roped in Mr W for the wine tasting. On smelling the wine we smelt freshness from lemon aromas and some richness from honey. The wine smelt refreshing and citrusy. 

white wine

The colour of the wine was a light straw colour. On tasting the wine I picked up the acidity on the front of the tongue, and yet although medium in strength (12.5 %) it was not strong and distinctive on flavour like Chardonnay wines can be.  Personally, we both thought it was a wine that would go well with seafood and white meat without overpowering the food. A good wine to have with roast chicken perhaps. 

All about the producer Malvirà

Malvirà is a very influential producer in Roero in the Piemonte area of Italy. They are very innovative in their outlook as their
winery is organic certified and carbon-neutral, constructed deep underground with geothermal heating and cooling systems.

Malvira bianco


We liked the wine, it was pleasant in flavour with a medium to high acidity. Priced at £19.95 it is at a pretty high-end price point for a white wine. Would I buy it? If it was on special offer yes, however, we preferred the Gagliole Valletta red wine from Independent Wine we tried previously. Of course, we all like different wine and prefer different wine on certain occasions. I definitely think that Independent Wine is a great site to browse if you are looking for Italian premium wines that you can't get on your high street. 

Let me know, would you drink this wine? What is your favourite style of white wine?



  1. That wine sounds light and fresh. Nice to see a company focusing on premium Italian wines

  2. Independent Wine are a fantastic company - they have such a great selection and this one sounds great. I love a good white wine.

  3. I really enjoy white wine but usually stick to Pinot Grigio. It's always good to try something different.

  4. I love red wine. Especially the good red wines from Bourdeaux such as pessac-leognan.