Inexpensive Ways to Give Your Home a Makeover

When your home is looking a little drab, or you're just bored of the current look, you might start thinking about giving it a makeover. But redesigning your home interiors can cost you, especially if you want to make a lot of changes. Fortunately, there are options available if you want to make a difference and avoid spending too much. If you want to makeover your home with only a small budget, you could easily have a big impact with just a few hundred pounds or even less. By choosing the things that will have the largest effect, you can practically create a new home.

Update Hardware

One of the quick and inexpensive changes that you can make is updating any hardware in different rooms. You can get new door furniture, replacing things like handles and hinges, and even get a new knocker for your front door. In the kitchen and bathroom, you can replace taps and other metal features that might need refreshing. These kinds of changes will barely cost you anything. You can replace a door handle for around £10 if you're looking for the cheapest options, although fancier choices are also available if your budget is a little higher.

Bring in Some New Textiles


In the bedroom and living room, one of the fastest ways to make a big impact is to get some new textiles. Replace your bedding, get a new cover for your sofa, or buy a new rug. These kinds of things can add colour and texture to your home for a fast and easy transformation. You could also reupholster some furniture, although this can take a little more time and money, especially if you want to get a professional to do it. Consider adding throws and pillows to your seating areas too, or perhaps some padded seats to your dining chairs.

A Fresh Coat of Paint

painting wall

Decorating can be a bit more effort, especially as you might need to move furniture around. But a lick of paint can do wonders if you want to give your home a makeover. It doesn't cost much to buy paint, and you can do the painting yourself if you're up to it, which saves you money on labour. If you're really on a budget, there's no harm in painting one room at a time. In fact, it can be less disruptive to your life, as well as being easier on your bank balance.

Add Some Art and Plants


When your home needs spicing up, sometimes you just need to add some accessories and ornaments. Bringing some art, interesting objects, and maybe some house plants into your home is a great way to add some more personality to a house that looks a little dull. You can hang art on the walls, whether you like movie posters, photography, or classic prints. Custom sticker printing is one way of brightening up your walls too at a budget price.

Give your home a makeover without spending too much, and you can feel like you're in a brand new home.

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