From Lacklustre To Luxury: 6 Ways To Transform Your Garden

Your garden and outdoor space could either be an elegant paradise or a pile of incomplete jobs. If your case is that latter, then why not try to create a delightful luxurious feel instead. Nothing is as disappointing as an overgrown garden hedge, or a garden fence looking anything but elegant because of worn-out paint. At that point, breathing new life into your garden is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Fortunately, there are countless ways to improve your outdoor space without a professional gardener or breaking the bank. Is your garden looking lacklustre and in need of a facelift? Take a look at these six ways that are sure to transform your outdoor space.

Dress your garden with indoor accessories

sofa garden

What if you could avoid doubling the cost of buying new outdoor home accessories? Instead, dress your deck with alluring textural indoor accessories that can easily be moved in case of bad weather. Doubling up on accessories makes the outside of your home an extension of your chic indoor space. This has been the trend in recent times with reports that 74% of Brits with a garden have opted to double down on accessories since the COVID-19 lockdown as they look to cut down on spending.

Put up solar lights for ambience 

solar lights

Adding fairy lights to your garden will create a pleasurable ambience to your outside space. Garden lights can be put together with a set of solar-powered lights, Kilner jar, and other kitchen staples. Fuelled the entire day by the sun, these little lights will project a pretty gleam over the garden after dark. This is an extraordinary technique that does not cost a great deal by any means. Are you planning a dinner BBQ for friends and family? Or a garden-themed wedding? Then solar garden lights will add that oomph to your ambience.

Install a hot tub

hot tub

Installing a hot tub in your garden can be an exciting idea. While giving your garden that luxurious feel, it provides numerous health benefits such as decreased inflammation, relief from joint pressure, weight loss and much more. H2O Hot Tubs have an easy and convenient plug and play installation that gets your tub up and running with minimal effort. Easy payment options are also available to help you spread costs and ease the financial commitment. If you have the budget and you're looking for even more luxury, however, consider heading to somewhere like Premier Pools & Spas Inground Pool Builders, where you can explore options for installing an inground hot tub. Hot tubs are sure to transform any garden at any time of the year.

Get colourful with bedding plants


A pot of bedding plants like pelargoniums, petunias, nicotiana, and pansies will add colour to your front garden and sprout all through the late spring. These plants are straightforward to grow and maintain. The important thing is to choose the right spot, feed them regularly with the correct plant food, and keep them all watered in the warmth. Clip off any dead blossom heads to keep them looking awesome while preventing them from wasting energy to produce seeds. Do this with the right care and consideration, and they would be stuffed with blossoms until early fall.

Hang baskets filled with flowers

hanging baskets

Hanging containers are anything but difficult to make, plus they look magnificent. However, for them to survive, you must use dual-purpose manure and feed them consistently with tomato food. For a bright spot, use sun cherishing Surfinias and Bacopa, and for a more obscure corner, you should try Lobelia and Fuchsia. The amount of space available doesn’t matter as hanging these baskets is a practical and straightforward approach to light up your outdoor area. They also work great in welcoming guests to your home when hanging in front of your garden or from a reasonable structure.

Enhance your wall with plants in picture frames

This is straightforward yet immensely compelling; it costs only a couple of pounds yet is a smart method to bring colour to a grey wall. You will require a few frames, paint, chicken wire, succulents and greenery to round them out. A quick scroll on Instagram will reveal various patterns, colours, and design ideas to flaunt your walls. While research has proven that flowers do have a positive impact on your moods, not everyone has the green thumb to preserve them. In case you cannot deal with watering plants every day, go for a simple plant frame picture and hang on your walls. 

You simply can’t go wrong when transforming your garden. From colourful plants to perfect lighting and a swanky hot tub, these tips are sure to add a touch of class and luxury to your space.

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