What You Should Be Looking For In An Accessible Holiday

Accessibility is so important. If you have mobility or accessibility problems ensuring your everyday life is accessible is hard enough but finding an accessible holiday can be incredibly difficult sometimes. If you’re looking for helpful resources, My Mobility Guide has put together a fantastic guide with some brilliant resources to help you find the right holiday for you. Here are some other things you should be looking for in an accessible holiday. This is an ad.

Is The Destination Accessible?

It may be tempting to visit a certain destination or place but first ask - is it truly accessible? Make sure you have a few destinations in mind before doing your research and making a decision. Whilst you might still be able to enjoy a holiday in a less accessible destination, do you really want to miss out on some of the experience more accessible destinations such as Barcelona have to offer? Some historic sites and national parks have a problem with this so be aware and check out the website before you go.

Is The Accommodation Accessible?

There is nothing worse than going on holiday and arriving at your accommodation to find it isn’t accessible. It is best to opt for more modern hotels as they are more likely to have accessible entrances, exits and rooms. You want something that has ramps and lifts which an older hotel or type of accommodation may not be able to offer. The bathroom is also important, especially if you have problems getting into and out of a bath. Make sure you have a walk-in shower with rails to help.  Check out blog posts and YouTube videos about the hotel or accommodation you want to stay in to get a real feel for the place before making any final decisions.

Can You Get Help?

Sometimes you may need a little bit of help whether that is in the airport to get to the right place on time or help up to your room. Do your research before making any decision and get in contact as soon as you’ve booked to put the help into place. Train stations and airports are particularly good for proving help if you book in advance. If you are deaf or hard of hearing many museums provide special guides for you. 

Look For Accessible Tours

Visiting the beach in a wheelchair

Whilst some tours may not be suitable due to a lack of accessible options, there are many tours out there, especially in the major cities, that will cater to your needs. Look for tours that are accessible, perhaps on a bus with a lift or ramp, and maybe ask the local tourist information office for help. They usually have lots of information on tourist sites and hotels that are great for those with mobility problems. You should be able to experience the wonders of your destination as much as other people!

Make Sure You’re Covered For Insurance

Even if you are in the most accessible of accommodations or areas, there is still scope for your holiday to go wrong so make sure you have adequate medical and travel insurance in place. The last thing you want to do is be stuck somewhere with no cover in place and big medical bills. 


It can be tempting to just wing it when it comes to a holiday but unfortunately, when it comes to accessibility, it's best to plan ahead. This means checking out not only the accommodation and the help you can get but also the local area and its landmarks to see which ones are accessible to you plus other things that may pose a problem if you leave them to the last minute.

Hopefully, these top tips will help you find the perfect accessible holiday for you. What places have you found are really good for accessibility?

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