Why You Should Ride A Tricycle In Winter Instead Of A Bike

When it turns frosty and cold outside, people automatically think this means packing away the trike or bike for the year. Whilst this might be the correct thinking for a bike, a tricycle is the perfect travelling companion for the winter months, and you are sure to be safe on the three-wheeler on a wide variety of terrain.  This is an ad.

Tricycles are well known to be sturdy and safe modes of transport, and this applies, even more so when it comes to riding a tricycle in the colder months.

But why is riding a tricycle safer than riding a bike in the winter? Well, here is a list of all the reasons tricycles are perfect for riding in the winter, and why they are much safer than riding a normal bike.

Tricycles work well on all terrain

Tricycles have three large wheels that have extremely effective grip, which paired with being lower to the ground than a bicycle, makes riding on all terrains extremely safe. So, this winter, when the roads get icy, you can be safe in the knowledge that riding a tricycle is still a safe option.

Also, as a tricycle is lower to the ground this means whilst climbing hills in the wind, rain and snow riders do not need to keep the same forward-leaning motion to gather momentum. Instead, trike cyclists can just lower the gear and climb with ease.

Jorvik tricycles offer various different tricycles, but one of their best trikes for winter weather is their Jorvik electric mountain trike. This tricycle has large tyres and a front suspension which will give you the confidence to conquer mud, ice or snow with ease.

Tricycles are more visible than bikes

Tricycles are much more noticeable than a normal bike, as they are bigger and have three wheels instead of two. This is extremely beneficial when riding in the winter, as the weather in the colder months can produce poor visibility on the roads, which can be dangerous for those on bicycles. For tricycle riders, there is also the added security that they are more likely to be seen due to the stature of the tricycle compared to a standard bike.

Tricycles are easy to ride

Having three wheels, tricycles are very easy to ride as they provide the rider with more balance and support. This means riders are not worrying about their balance at the same time as trying to concentrate on the road in front of them, this makes the riding experience a much more pleasurable one. Jorvik Tricycles also have a range of different seating options, one of the most popular options being the Jorvik adults tricycle seat with back rest.

Tricycles can carry all your bags

One of the worst things in winter when riding a bike is having to try and carry all of your things in a heavy backpack, it just makes the cold journey a tiresome one. But with a tricycle, you can pack all of your things away into safe cargo bag or a Jorvik mountain trike trailer that attaches to the tricycle itself. This is great if you have been shopping and have lots of carrier bags to take home with you.

Things to keep in mind when riding a tricycle this winter: 

Be seen

It’s important to ensure you are visible on the roads, especially when weather is poor and natural daylight is limited. So, equipping your tricycle with sufficient lights is necessary to reduce any possible collisions or accidents. Ideally, you will have a light on the front, back and on a wheel of your tricycle. Be sure to check your lights on a regular basis to ensure that they work.

Be bright

To ensure you are seen on the roads, purchasing reflective wear is essential, especially for when the weather is gloomy and dark. Some wearable reflective options for this include bright reflective gloves, reflective slap wraps and hi visibility vests.

Stay dry

This winter there is bound to be some rainy weather, so, investing in some protection for yourself and your phone could be worthwhile. A traditional cycling cape is the perfect accessory to take with you on your ride and can be worn over all clothing. Also, this weatherproof phone mount is the ultimate universal waterproof phone mount for all tricycles, and you can be comfortable in the knowledge that your phone isn’t getting wet in your pocket.

So, does a tricycle sound like the right mode of transport one for you? With all the safety benefits riding a tricycle brings, swapping to a tricycle and packing away the bike will be one of the best decisions you make this winter!



  1. Tricycles are much more stylish than I remember

  2. I've never thought of a tricycle before but they look really sturdy, and safer in winter than a bike