Simple Tips And Tricks To Stop Your Flowers Dying This Winter

It’s always a worry in the winter months whether your plants will survive. After all, the poor weather can often cause the flowers to deteriorate and die, and spending less time in the garden means you don’t tend to the plants as often as you should. In fact, a lot of gardeners have to then replenish their flowers when spring arrives. However, the winter months doesn’t mean the end for your flowers if you do prepare in advance. There are some easy ways to ensure they stay alive so your garden stays looking beautiful during the winter. Here are some simple tips and tricks to stop your flowers dying this winter.

Make sure they are situated in the shade

One of the top reasons why flowers often end up dying during the winter months is the fact that the cold weather affects them. The heavy rainfall and snow can cause the flowers to die in the cold weather. If you want to stop your flowers dying this winter, you should make sure they have significant shade during the cold months. It might be the case they are placed in some form of polytunnel or greenhouse during the winter. This will provide them with the shade and warmth they need to still grow well. You can also use some form of garden fabric or blanket which will cover the flowers during winter. That way, the fabric will get wet rather than the flowers when there is heavy rainfall or snowfall. If the flowers are in pots, you can place them well underneath furniture like a bench from Sloane and Sons Garden Benches, which will give protection and significant cover from the bad weather.

Put the flowers in pots inside the home

It’s also a good idea to bring more sensitive plants inside your home in a pot to ensure it doesn’t die during the winter. As Cnet explains, you should really try to bring the plant in before the temperature drops below 45 degrees (7 degrees c) at night. Replant the flower in a good-sized pot which will allow room for it to stay healthy and grow well, then place it in a warm area of your home where it will have access to some form of sunlight. You can buy an indoor plant light which can give it the sufficient sunlight it needs to grow well in the winter months. Remember to only water it when needed as flowers don’t need as much watering in the winter months.

Do some winter mulching

Another thing you can do to your flowers to ensure they last during the winter months is to do some mulching before the frost and snow arrive. For example, you can use compost, straw, dry leaves, newspaper clippings and wood chips to place it all around the
 base of the plants. As this article reveals, try to place it 4 to 6 inches around the base of the flowers. This will ensure that the flowers are protected from the harshest winds and freezing conditions during this winter. Just make sure you remember to remove it when the warmer weather arrives so that the flowers can get access to the sunlight. As well as providing protection, it can help to insulate the plants and help the flowers to get their much-needed necessary nutrients in the winter.


  1. My mother in law is a whizz at gardening but I am rubbish. Apart from moving some things into pots, I didn't know about your other tips so this was really helpful to me. I hope I can stop my fuschias from dying this year! Thank you x

  2. I really need to get into gardening much more next year, I bought lots of planters hoping to transform the garden this year but never got around to doing anything.