5 Reasons To Buy A Luxury Watch

There are many reasons to buy a luxury watch, and buying a luxury watch is one of those experiences like your first kiss - very exciting, a little bit nerve-wracking but ultimately very pleasurable! Buying a luxury watch however is an expensive purchase, so if you are thinking it over, and want to justify it, here are some reasons to buy a luxury watch and to spoil yourself.

For the workmanship

The crafting of a luxury watch is a skill, and the best watchmakers are artisans who have learnt how to make the best through years of training and experience.  There is a certain art to making a luxury watch

A luxury watch, and by that I mean one that is at least five thousand pounds, has a high level of craftsmanship and skill gone into every timepiece. For example, automatic and mechanical movements that are handmade do last decades.  Many of the best watchmakers are traditionally from Switzerland, too and a Swiss made watch has a suitable kudos, and these include Rolex, TAG Heuer and Omega watches.

For the design

The design of a luxury watch is part of the appeal. A luxury watch can be timeless and classic such as many of the Patek Phillipe designs or appeal to the gadget lovers amongst us such as the Breitling Navitimers that are iconic pilot watches. Many have a number of gadgets that are super cool like an SOS beacon on a Breitling Emergency watch, which is also useful if you go to remote places. 

Another super cool watch is the Omega Seamaster which is water resistant up to 1000 feet, more than some nuclear submarines and has added status being worn by Bond, James Bond, in the films throughout the years.

As a statement

Wearing a luxury watch can make a big statement. It can shout out that you have taste, and that you have a classic style. It can also show that you have money and status, that you have made it in the world so to speak. Maybe you are influenced by the brand ambassadors like David Beckham for Rolex or Kate Winslet for Longines and want a taste of their world. Or even want to show off to your friends -  we've all been there!

All in all a luxury watch can be a loud statement or a quiet whisper, depending on the brand and style chosen. 

As an investment

A luxury watch can be an investment if looked after. In a volatile market vintage watches generally hold their value and can be an investment for the future. Pick a design that is a safer investment than others such as one of these luxury watches that are in demand on chronoexpert.com.  You may not make a fortune on your investment but it can rise steadily and you will have something nice to show for your money too.

As an heirloom

A luxury watch is something that can be handed down over generations, as it will last well, retain its looks and craftsmanship over time.  Personally, I would choose a classic design as an heirloom watch so that your son or daughter will appreciate it and it won't date.  A classic Rolex, TAG or a Calatrava by Patek Phillipe will fit the bill.

As you can see there are many reasons to buy a luxury watch. If you have the money I would say buy a luxury watch and enjoy it.

Tell me, do you own a luxury watch? What brands of luxury watch do you like?



  1. I love watches and I agree they are definitely an investment. I love to mix and match mine!

  2. I bought my first ‘real’ watch last year. It cost me a lot but it wasn’t quite in the range of 5 grand. It’s an eco drive so it charges off of daylight which was a cool feature I thought.

  3. I don’t own a luxury watch but would love to treat myself to one for all of the above reasons some day.

  4. We'd love to buy a luxury watch in order to pass something down through the generations x

  5. We have always bought luxury watches as big birthday gifts as they are something that they can always look back on

  6. I have a good quality watch and wear it everyday, so certainly get the use out of it. good investment piece for sure xx

  7. Oh my husband loves a luxury watch! I have a few myself, they are quite addictive! haha!

  8. Scott would love something like this for Father’s Day . Really gorgeous !

  9. My Dad has always purchased luxury watches and for my 18th he got me a gold watch. I am too scared to wear it!!!

  10. My other half bought me a vintage Rolex a few years back as a birthday/Christmas/push present all in one :) It's gorgeous and I love it.