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Stylish Lighting Ideas For Autumn/Winter

Christmas will be here before you know it. At this time of year I always look for stylish ways to update my home for the Autumn/Winter season. New furnishings and some select lighting can make all the difference and really add some personal touches that can take your dwelling from a house to a home.  Here are some smart lighting ideas from Lampcommerce this season.


The ambiance of a room can really be altered with great lighting. Soft focused lighting can create a relaxed atmosphere, whilst task orientated lighting for reading, cooking or sewing for example, can help you see more clearly and focus on the task in question. Accent lighting when used can help  to enhance the special features in a room such as a photo or a painting, whilst outdoor lighting can be helpful for security and help create a welcome at your door.

These outdoor lamps by Fabbian - a company from Veneto, Italy are twinkly and still supremely stylish whilst saving money through LED technology.


Most homes have a combination of lighting for all purposes and all moods.  It is therefore important to choose the right lighting for each room. 

When you are buying new lighting think about how specifically each room will be used. Is the room a bathroom, kitchen, study or utility room? Lighting in a task orientated room like this will be different to lighting in a relaxing area like a lounge or bedroom. You may need reading lights and spot lights as well as general ceiling lighting for these type of rooms.

If it is a room with a lot of moisture like a kitchen or bathroom you will need to use special lighting that is designed for wet and humid areas. 

For the kitchen a combination of lighting for each task related area is a great idea. The cooker itself may have lighting on it to help when cooking. Preparation areas need to be adequately lighted so you can see what you are doing and you don't make any nasty mistakes - you don't want to chop off a finger by mistake! You can buy ceiling lighting that combines spot lights targeting each different area of the kitchen, a great cost effective way to light your kitchen.

The Vistosi Quadra ceiling lamp is a minimalistic yet chic addition to any bathroom

For the bathroom a combination of pendant lights (especially good on higher ceilings), flush lights, spot lights and over the mirror lights to help with shaving or applying makeup, are an excellent idea.

If you have a lounge/diner then your lighting needs will be different in each section of the room.

For your lounge area lighting can be softer, more ambient but still practical and flexible. Table lamps and floor lamps are useful here as well as uplighters.

For a diner/lounge, the lighting in the dining area may be different. Some people prefer muted lights when they are eating whilst others prefer brighter lighting. Table lights and candles can all add atmosphere as well.

This Fairy pendant lamp by Axo light, a Venetian company, is a different way to illuminate your dining table. The crystal multi-faceted diffuser creates light patterns

Bedroom lighting can be a combination of table lamps and pendant lighting. It is useful if lighting can be adjustable in the bedroom, this is especially true in children's bedrooms and this is where a dimmer switch comes in. Many people like to read in bed so focused lighting like an adjustable table lamp is also worth considering so you can read in bed if you wish to without glare.


There are lots of stylish ways to light your home. Updating your lighting can make a big difference to the ambiance of a home. Why not buy some new lighting this Autumn so your house will feel cosy and welcoming as well as looking smart and stylish for this festive season.

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  1. I am terrible at this kind of tihng, perhaps it comes with renting? I have a friend who has used old fashioned jelly moulds as light fuxtures and they look amazing! Love the fairy pendant lights! x

  2. Having great lighting is important. I like my lights to be really warm and relaxing x

  3. I agree! Lighting can make a huge difference during the dark autumn and winter months. I'm thinking about a warmer lamp for my office. Something to give a more comfortable atmosphere than my current bright white LED lamp. Great for work but brrr, makes you feel cold.

    1. Yes bright lights or daylamp light bulbs are great for close up work but not very warm and cosy.

  4. I love the hanging lights above the dining room table! Much cooler than an ordinary ceiling light!

    Laura @ What’s Hot?

    1. Yes I agree, they are super cool and they also create light patterns. I would love these lights in my lounge/diner.

  5. Ooh the lighting in our rented flat is one of the things that annoys me the most - can't wait until we own our own place and can choose what we have!

    1. That would drive me mad, not being able to choose what to have.

  6. Some really pretty lights here. I really love sitting in the dark tho especially with the glow from a fish tank, find it so relaxing.

    Umber x

  7. I love all of these! I'll have to check them all out and possibly order some :) ox

  8. I love all of these ideas! - I love changing the lighting in my place as it can truly change my mood.


    1. Lighting can certainly affect your mood. Adjustable lighting is great for a nice ambiance.

  9. Fairy lights in glass jars make wicked lamps. Not super pricey either.


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