5 Ways to Renovate Your Bathroom On A Budget

If you want to renovate your bathroom but you don't have much budget you may not know where to start. However, it can be done on a budget and it can be successful too. You don't need to spend thousands to get the look you want. Let's have a look at how to renovate your bathroom on a budget and see if you can pick up soma tips. 

1) Do it yourself is the key

The first thing to save money is so to do any work yourself. You don't have to be an expert but if you are unsure start small and that will build your confidence. There are tutorials online, check out YouTube for simple DIY tasks. Rope in family and friends to help you and share your vision with them. Maybe they have certain skills like painting, tiling or regrouting you can utilise? Prepare well, get the equipment and get stuck in

2) A lick of paint can do wonders

A lick of paint can really do wonders and make a bathroom look like new. There is nothing like white paint to make a bathroom look fresh. Blues and greens can also work well for a fresh look. You can even paint the tiles if you don't want to retile. Just be sure to clean the tiles properly, prime them with special paint then repaint with tile paint.

3) Redo the tiling and you will be smiling 

By redoing the tiling you can have a whole new look without the cost of remodelling the whole bathroom.  As mentioned before, repainting the bathroom tiles is a great idea and at a relatively little cost too. If you want to retile with patterned or mosaic tiles then it is a bigger job but it can be done, or maybe replace a number of strategic tiles that will fit in with the current look. Regrouting can also work wonders to get a fresh clean look. 

4) Replace the shower and the taps

Replacing the taps is a relatively straightforward job but replacing the shower shouldn't be too difficult either. If you are on a super tight budget even replacing the showerhead or hose can add a different look to the bathroom. If you want to replace the whole shower you may have to pay for a tradesperson if you are not able to do it yourself as it could be a big job, but it will still be cheaper than doing major work in your bathroom.

5) Stylish storage can help the clutter

Storage is relatively cheap and can help declutter surfaces. Put up some wall mounted shelves for towels and toiletries, or buy some big rattan bags for towels. Under the washbasin you can put a wall hung vanity unit to store what you need and it won't take up any surfaces either giving the illusion of more space. You can even hang an organiser behind the door to keep everything you need in, at relatively little cost. Check out the sales for new storage, new towels and new fixtures and fittings.

As you can see you can renovate your bathroom on a budget. Let me know if you have and how you went about it?

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