Reasons To Wear Perfume

Perfume always feels like such a luxurious item to own – the smell of perfume is distinctive and unique and prices can range from very affordable to expensive. Many women love the idea of having an array of perfumes to choose from, but why should you wear perfume?

So whether you buy perfumes online or in-store these are my reasons to buy perfume. This is a collaborative post. 

It Might Attract Someone

Perfume can make someone even more desirable than they already are as it can often work as an aphrodisiac. 
It is said that pheromone oil and sprays, as well as aftershave and perfumes, can heighten the sexual responsiveness in both sexes and make you seem more desirable to a potential mate. 

A Good Fragrance Can Mask All Sins

Perfume helps to keep unwanted body odour at bay and ensures you smell good at all times. If you are worried that you aren’t smelling your freshest, why not spray a little of your favourite perfume? You will be smelling fresh again in no time!

It Is A Fantastic Accessory

So many women won’t step out the door for a night out if they haven’t put some perfume on. A spritz of their favourite fragrance is as much an accessory to them as shoes or a handbag are, it can be their signature smell.

Wearing It Is A Great Confidence Booster

How many times have you worn one of your favourite perfumes and someone has passed a compliment on it which has really lifted your spirits? Spritzing some scent can be great for making you feel attractive and boosting your confidence.  

It Enhances Your Mood

perfume bottles

As well as boosting your confidence, it may also enhance your mood. Sometimes you can be feeling really down but that little confidence boost from wearing some fragrance can make you feel a lot better.

It Can Make an Impression

Even now, certain fragrances evoke certain memories for me. I only have to smell certain scents and I am taken back to another time and place.  Wearing perfume yourself can make a lasting impression on someone you know or someone you meet for the first time. Perfume is known to trigger memories so make sure they trigger good ones!

There Are Many Benefits To Perfume

As well as the other reasons above, there are many other benefits to perfume. Did you know perfume has relaxing and therapeutic benefits? Certain types of fragrances can help to calm and soothe your body and mind and may even help to keep your stress levels under control. The fragrance of lavender, for example, is said to relax and calm the body and mind.

You Might Find Your Personal Scent

Some women love to have a selection of perfumes to choose from, but some like to stick to their own personal scents that they will use time and time again. Historically, important figures would have had their own personal scent which was exclusive to them. Finding your signature scent may involve trial and error and there is the chance that your scent maybe someone else’s signature scent too. However, if you do choose to keep to one scent, then you might even become recognisable for that scent and people will know you are nearby.

These are just a few reasons why you should consider wearing perfume.   Do you wear perfume often?

*Collaborative post 


  1. I really need to work on having a personal scent. It's such a fun idea to find one!

  2. We love perfume for boosting confidence and our moods - it also helps us remember certain events and brings back waves of memories when we wear certain scents.

  3. Finding your personal sent is such an interesting idea! I like to wear scents to make me feel fancy.

  4. As a larger lady sometimes my clothes depress me, but perfume never fails to delight and make me feel feminine and beautiful, so I love to wear it. Mich x

  5. I love perfume and I think I found my personal scent, La vie est belle from Lancome. I've been using it from the first year it's been launched and I am still in love with it, it's like it was made for me.

  6. I love wearing perfume when I head out and have a few different scents depending on where I am going and how I feel on the day

  7. I wear perfume pretty much everyday as the scent makes me smile and it just feels like a nice way of feeling fully dressed and ready x

  8. I love wearing perfume, i think it finishes off an outfit perfectly! I have a few favourites but there's always room for more!