Tips For Planning A Destination Wedding in Goa

The destination wedding is a popular trend for modern couples. Generally, people like to organise their weddings in places known for their scenic beauty. Hence, Goa is a common choice for the venue of a destination wedding. So here's how to organise your wedding in Goa and make wonderful memories for your happy day.

Choose A Date


First of all, a suitable date for the wedding should be decided by the new couple and their families. This wedding date is essential to proceed with other aspects of the wedding preparation. If you are flexible on the date it will be easy to find the venue of your dreams. Bear in mind any COVID restrictions if you do not live in Goa.

Finalise Your Budget

The new couple needs to set a definite budget for their destination wedding in Goa. Having a budget in mind will help you stick to your plans and not go over what you can afford. Weddings can be a costly business and it is easy to get carried away. 

Hire A Wedding Planner

It is useful to hire a wedding planner who has prior experience in organising weddings in Goa. He/she will be able to use all the connections in Goa for selecting the suitable venue and suppliers. This expert planner will also negotiate with relevant people to stick to the given budget of his/her client. They can also help find accommodation in a range of prices for the guests as their budget may differ from yours.

Consider The Weather

Due to the tropical climate, Goa experiences hot summer, with humid monsoons from June to September, and mild winters. Winter is the preferred season chosen for organising a wedding there. The heat of summer or the downpour of monsoon can ruin the mood of a destination wedding.

Book Your Wedding V

Plenty of wedding venues are available all over North and South Goa. However, many people prefer the venues close to the prime beaches so that their guests can enjoy the natural landscape. Hence, beach resorts are more popular for holding destination weddings and the booking costs of these wedding venues vary from high to low range.

Send Invites

Prepare a guest list and once the guest list is ready, the next step is to place an order for suitable wedding cards as per the theme of the new couple and their budget in this regard. Now, people can send Indian wedding invitation online to their guests, which helps in saving their time, money, and energy. Also, guests can receive their invitations instantly via digital platforms.

Wedding Decor

A professional wedding decorator can be hired to decorate the wedding venue in Goa. The wedding planner or the resort representative can help in this regard. The type of wedding décor should depend on the theme chosen specifically for that wedding. The decorator will create a magnificent design in keeping with this theme.

Reception Theme

The selection of a theme for the wedding reception is an important decision.  You may want to theme the wedding décor for the ceremony, the wedding attire of the bride and groom, as well as the wedding reception function. New couples in India can choose from a  traditional royal theme, fairytale theme, Bollywood theme, or Goan carnival theme amongst others as per their tastes.

Confirm Details With All Vendors

Wedding management needs the services of several vendors in different fields. Hence, it is better to confirm all their details beforehand so that they can be contacted whenever required if you need to ask any questions.  The wedding planner can help coordinate this on behalf of his/her client, to ensure the success of the wedding.

Coordinate professionals

All the normal pre-wedding and post-wedding professionals need to be coordinated. For a traditional Goan wedding arrangements should be made by taking professionals, like a Mehendi artist for the Mehendi function and a DJ for the Sangeet ceremony to Goa. The wedding planner can help in making all these preparations.

Wedding Outfits, Accessories And Makeup

wedding outfit

The colours of the wedding outfits of the bride and groom need to match the chosen wedding theme. However, vibrant colours or shades of red are often preferred for the bride’s attire if you are going for a traditional Goan wedding. An expert makeup artist and hairstylist can be hired for the final touches

Food And Drink

Generally, it is wise to hire a local caterer in Goa, to serve the best quality food and drink to all wedding guests. The resort representative or the wedding planner can help in finding a well-reputed caterer for this job. Various Goan delicacies are expected on the wedding menu, along with exotic drinks.

Transportation And Photography

All wedding guests should be offered easy transportation facilities to travel from their home cities to Goa.  An experienced wedding photographer should be hired to capture all the precious moments from the preparations to the wedding day and you may want a videographer too.

Enjoy Your Big Day

By following these tips you can organise a memorable destination wedding in Goa when it is safe to do so.

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