Is Smart Lighting Worth It?

Smart lighting has come a long way in recent years. It’s now easier than ever to get your home lighting set up and customisable without the need for an electrician or difficult to set up home hubs. Smart Lighting brands such as 4Lite Wiz Connected ( have all of the “smart” technology contained within the lamp itself making them as close to plug-and-play as smart lighting can get.

Why 4Lite?

If you’re looking to add smart lighting to any or every room of your home then you can manage them all from your existing devices without the need for a hub. They’re all retrofit, meaning they can be added to your existing light fittings. Put them into pairing mode (you’ll need to read the documentation that comes with the lamp to find out what to do with the specific lamp you purchase) and they’ll appear in Google Home or SmartLife apps instantly.

From there, you can set lighting modes for specific lamps or add them into groups to light entire rooms with the click of a button.

Once they’re added to your smart home app of choice you’ll be able to link them up to your voice assistant. Whether it’s Google Assistant or your Amazon Alexa, the set-up is simple and allows for intuitive control without the need for your phone.

Is it expensive?

LED Lighting in general used to mean a large price tag. As technology has improved and competition within the market has flourished, prices are becoming lower and lower all the time. Whilst the initial cost of the LED bulb is larger than traditional halogen or CFL bulbs, the price over the lifetime of the bulb is much lower. LED bulbs are thousands of times longer lasting than their antiquated contemporaries meaning you’ll need to replace them less often.

You also don’t get the same feature set with halogen or CFL that is available on LED bulbs. When you add their longer lifespan, the ability to change the colour with a touch of a button & smart control together, they end up being incredibly well priced.

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