Great Gift Ideas For A Newborn Niece Or Nephew

Having a new niece or nephew is an exciting time. I mean, who can resist a cute baby and especially so when they are related to you? A new parent will need a myriad of items for their newborn, from a pram and cot to clothes and toys. So when you are looking for gift ideas you will have a lot of choices, but you may not know where to start. To narrow this down I have an article for you today on gift ideas for a new niece or nephew, your welcome! Let's have a look at gift ideas for a newborn niece or nephew to make your shopping easier.

Soft and comfy sleepsuits

baby sleeping
When a baby is born, having a stock of clean baby sleepsuits are essential.  They have to be super soft for the baby's skin, and easy to undo for those multiple nappy changes throughout the day. So gifting baby zip up sleepsuits are a good idea. Why not get a few different sleepsuits in a gift set if you can afford it. You can get some with cute designs and you just know that they will be greatly appreciated.

Soft toy suitable from birth

baby and toy
There are many soft toys suitable from birth and as well as being cute they can also help with developmental goals. It's important though that the soft toy has the safety mark to ensure it is safe and also check the age it is suitable for as all toys aren't suitable from birth. 

Baby photoshoot voucher

A baby photoshoot is something that will give pleasure for years to come and is a very personal gift. A photoshoot with a number of photos for the parents can be a great gift that family members may all want to contribute to in cost. A family photoshoot is also an amazing gift so everyone can be photographed with the baby.

A baby record book

baby feetThe first milestones are precious, like the first word a baby makes, and when they first walk, so a baby record book makes a great gift. It's lovely to have somewhere to keep precious items like the hospital record cards, a souvenir of baby's first haircut, baby hand and footprints and more so a modern take on this is a keepsake box.

A savings account

A savings account is a lovely gift for a baby niece or nephew, and a great legacy for the child when they are older. A baby savings account can be started for as little as £1 and can be added to on a regular basis by yourself or other people. When the child is older they can add to the account themselves, and this can be a nest egg so they can access it when they are 18. Maybe you want to put money in the account every year on their birthday and at Christmas. You will be surprised how this can add up throughout the years.

So these are some great gift ideas for a new niece or nephew. Let me know if you have any ideas of what to buy a newborn baby.

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