How To Easily Decorate A Tiny Bathroom

Some people think of decorating as those extra flourishes you add to a room after all the functional stuff is done. This can make it intimidating or baffling to try to decorate a small bathroom because a lot of the functional stuff is built-in.

But if you modify your thinking a little, a small bathroom can actually be a lot of fun to decorate. The fact that it's so small means you can splurge on relatively expensive items because you don't need much of it.

Pick A Colour Scheme Or Theme

Although things like the sink and toilet are built-in, there are still some functional bits that you will need to add. This may include a shower curtain, storage and soap.

If you have a colour scheme or theme, those functional items can be bought to fit that theme. You can find soap in a colour to match or in the shape of seashells or to match other themes. You can get a plain shower curtain to match a colour scheme or a shower curtain with a design to match your theme.

If you think of those functional elements as part of the decor, this will give you a lot more latitude to inject some personality into a small space.

Decorate The Walls

One of the nice things about a small bathroom is you go a little wild with the walls. What would be just too much craziness in a bigger space can be a wonderful dash of personality in a smaller space.

If you own the place, you can splurge on high-end paint or tile. The fact that it's small means that higher-end materials may be within budget when they wouldn't be for a larger room.

But if you rent or if you just like to change things up regularly, there are less permanent options for going all out with wall decor. One of those is making custom wall posters.

They are surprisingly affordable and can be updated on a whim. If you like changing the colour scheme or theme, you can order new custom posters for a lot less time, money and hassle than repainting the room every three months.

Storage As A Statement

One of the big challenges with a small bathroom is storage. If you have adjusted your thinking to see functional elements as also being design elements, storage is a tremendous opportunity to add some personality to the space.

This will work best if you spend some time to do some essential leg work. Start by cataloguing what kinds of things you need to store in the space and taking measurements.

Then spend some time looking at your options. This might involve physically visiting a variety of local stores or you might keep the search to internet sources of inspiration. Additionally, use storage bins or makeup organizers to keep it clutter-free.

Storage options like hooks, floating shelves and a variety of over-the-door or over-the-shower-head items can add some pizzazz while making the space more functional. Open storage will help you see what is on hand and will minimize awkward interactions like trying to dodge the cabinet door while having too little manoeuvring room.

Don't Sweat The Small Stuff

As long as you aren't getting anything crazy expensive, like gold-plated faucets, decorating a small bathroom is an opportunity to grow and refine your tastes. You can afford to take a few chances on things a little outside your comfort zone because if they don't work out, you can just replace it in a few weeks.

You should approach this as a chance to let your hair down a little and worry less about what other people. It's a fairly private space and may never even be seen by most visitors.

It's a chance to try brighter colours or different styles. It's a chance to play with the decor and not fret about messing it up.

Final Thoughts

You should just embrace it as a learning opportunity and a chance at exploration. It's a good way to get to stretch your decorating boundaries for relatively little time, money and effort.

Afterwards, you will be better equipped to tackle other rooms with some solid experience under your belt. It's a great confidence-building exercise.

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  1. I have a really small bathroom and need some ideas for storage. Love the baskets you have in the photo!