7 Top Attractions In The Netherlands

The Netherlands is a very underrated country in my personal opinion. Often referred to as Holland, it is known for the laid-back capital Amsterdam, but there is also so much more to see and do outside of the city. Here are my top attractions in the Netherlands.

1. Boat down the canals in Amsterdam

canal Amsterdam
Amsterdam is the most well-known city in the Netherlands. Known for its culture,  and its laid-back attitude to life, one of the best ways to see this vibrant city is through a boat trip on its tree-lined canals. The canal trip we took included a night tour with cheese and wine. It was lovely sipping red wine whilst hearing about the history of Amsterdam and seeing the city lit up at night. There are so many reasons to visit Amsterdam and a boat trip on the canals is one of them.

2. Have a drink at the Heineken Experience

Heineken Amsterdam
The Heineken Museum in Amsterdam is well worth visiting to find out about the history of this popular lager. When we visited we enjoyed seeing how the lager was made and the immersive attractions, where we were jostled like a bottle in the factory and bounced up and down as if we were on the back of the shire horses which used to deliver the beer. The displays may be different now as it's constantly changing but what is cool is that you get free tastings of the lager as you walk around and you can sample more at the end. 

3. Visit the Rijksmuseum

The Rijksmuseum is the Dutch National Museum located in Amsterdam. A museum full of fabulous art it is known for the 'Old Masters' and its Dutch antiques which date from 1809. Allow the best part of the day to explore if you are an art enthusiast as it's a big museum and well worth the time spent there. I enjoyed seeing works of art by Vermeer and Rembrandt. 

4. See the colourful tulips at Keukenhof


The Netherlands is known for its beautiful tulips and the best place to see a display of colour is Keukenhof, also known as the Garden of Europe. The largest public garden anywhere in the world, stroll among the 70 acres of flowers and over 7 million bulbs of tulips that are planted every year. If you are inspired to create a garden of tulips when you return then tulip bulbs can be bought easily online or at your local garden centre.

5. Explore the pretty village of Marken


The small but perfectly formed village of Marken is a lovely spot to visit on a tour of the Netherlands. On the Ijsselmeer Lake, visit to see the painted houses in bright colours on stilts, and the fishing boats on the lake. The best time to visit is when one of the festivals is on so you can see the traditional dress and the woodworkers making clogs in the olden way.

6. Eat some cheese in Edam

cheese in Edam
Edam another pretty town in the Netherlands, is home to the famous Edam cheese. The 12th-century town produces Edam with a yellow rind, not the red rind we all know. When you are here visit the 18th-century cheese warehouses and see the cheese being weighed, or you can visit the cheese markets on a boat tour of the area.  You can combine a trip to Marken with Edam and Volendam.

7. Take the kids to Efteling 

My last attraction to visit in the Netherlands is the theme park Efteling. It is famous for being one of the oldest theme parks in the world and is divided into different zones based on legends, myths and fairytales. With a range of attractions aimed at little ones to big coasters aimed at adults and adventurous teenagers, it's a fun park for all the family. 

So here are my top 7 attractions in the Netherlands. I have only skimmed the surface as there are lots to see and do. I hope this has given you some ideas so you can carry on with your own research if you are visiting the area. Or maybe you want to combine it with a visit to Belgium and Luxembourg - the Benelux area. Whatever you want to do I hope you enjoy the trip!



  1. I've always wanted to go to the Netherlands, just looks so clean, full of things to do. My nan has been and said how beautiful it is. x

  2. So many fab things to do in the Netherlands, I would love to visit one day, it has always been on my bucket list.