How To Buy The Right Glasses Frames

If you need some new spectacles or are buying glasses for the first time there are many things you need to take into consideration.  In this post, I will be looking at how to buy the right glasses for you, and what to take into account.  This post is an advertorial, all opinions are however my own.


Before you buy a pair of glasses it's important to know about the strength of your lenses. If you are very short-sighted for example your lenses may be quite thick. This will have an impact on the frames you buy. A thin metal frame may not be able to hold a thick lens or the thickness will show more. You could pay for extra thin lenses if this is the case, but it’s something you have to bear in mind and is an added cost.

If you need reading glasses you may go for a varifocal pair too.

Face shape

Your face shape can affect which glasses you buy. A frame shape can flatter your face shape, and here are some suggestions below, obviously these are just suggestions, so go with what you like! 

Oval shape - suits many shapes of glasses, square or round are good.

Square shape - round and oval shapes can soften your look.

Round shape - rectangular frames and wayfarer frames are a great look.

Heart shape - wraparound frames or rounded frames. 

Many websites allow you to upload a photo and try on your glasses virtually. This can be a huge help if you have bad eyesight and won't be able to see well with clear lenses in store. Buying glasses online like this is convenient too.


There are many materials you can choose from. The more traditional materials are plastic, metal and acetate. A new breed of glasses is around and today glasses frames can be made of carbon fibre, titanium and aluminium too. Titanium and aluminium are both very strong and corrosive resistant so a good choice if you work outdoors or are rough on your frames. These new materials will have a higher price tag so it's something to think about but there are still plenty of cheap glasses around if your budget is smaller. You may also want to consider rimless frames especially if your lenses are thin.

If you want to find out more about the materials that glasses are made of check out this article here.

Colour and design

Of course, the colour and design play a big part in why you choose a glasses frame. You may want to consider your skin tone and how this suits the colour or the glasses frame. I like warm browns as this suits my skin colouring. 

Some frames have a subtle or more obvious design, such as tortoiseshell colouring, brand logo e.g. Gucci,  Swarvoski crystals, or a very obviously bright colour. The frame choice can be harmonious or make more of a statement. 

As you can see there are a number of things to consider when buying the right glasses frames. Although this is a simple guide I think at the end of the day choose what you like, and what you can afford as that's the most important thing.


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