Should You Get A Portable Air Conditioner This Summer?

According to a Which? survey conducted in 2019, only 8% of responders owned an air conditioner of some form in the UK. There are many UK residents that struggle to see the value in a Portable Air Conditioner given the UK climate only really has a handful of hot summer days compared to our continental neighbours. These days though, a Portable Air Conditioner can provide further use beyond just keeping you cool in the summer. Here are some things you might not know.

Portable Air Conditioners keep you cool

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This is obvious really. Portable ACs draw in warm moist air in the room, move that air around a condenser inside the unit and then pushes dry, cool air out through a high powered fan back into the room whilst pushing the hot air out the window through a hose. On those hot, uncomfortable summer nights when the temperature increases leaving the home feeling muggy, you could really benefit from a Portable Air Conditioner to cool down your room.

Some units also provide heating!

Many UK households have an oil-filled radiator or space heater to warm the home when it gets cold in the winter but these are often underpowered for larger rooms and rather unsightly. If you could repurpose a stylish looking Portable Air Conditioner, such as this 10,000 BTU unit from Devola (, in the winter to warm even the largest rooms in your home and take advantage of their high powered fans you would see an instant benefit.

They can also help dry your washing and help reduce damp

The majority of portable ac units on the market are called “3-in-1”. This means you can run the unit in one of three modes: Cooling, Fan only or Dehumidifier mode. As I mentioned, portable air conditioners take warm, moist air in and push out cool & dry air when in cooling mode. When in standard dehumidification mode, the returned air is just not cooled. If you were to take your washing out of the washing machine and put it on a clothes horse you can point your AC at the washing, put it in dehumidify or dry mode to effectively dry your washing all year round. This is a clear benefit to those of you who don’t want to run a loud, energy-hungry tumble dryer in the colder & wetter months whilst still being able to quickly and effectively dry your laundry.

Dehumidifiers are also amazing products for removing damp from the home. Mould forms in humid climates so reducing the moisture level in the air stops the spread of mould effectively. This is beneficial to people who want to protect their homes from damp and also benefits people who suffer from damp related asthma.

Can I really use one all year round?

Yes, you can! Selected portable air conditioners can keep you cool in the summer, warm in the winter and help to reduce damp and dry your laundry all year round!


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