How To Decorate Your Home

Your home is your sanctuary. You want it to embody not only your personality but also want to be comfortable in your home. Putting your personal stamp on your home is so important once you move in, whether you rent or buy.

Of course, it is all about considering how to do this. Whether you are looking to complete this by adding your own furniture, personal furnishings and photos or making eco-friendly home improvements, you need to have a plan in place. Here I will be looking at ideas to help you make those changes and get that embrace that cosy space you are looking for.

Set The Tone From The Curb

curb appeal

To create that sense of serenity from the second you arrive home, you need to give the exterior a little TLC. The second you see your home you want to feel welcomed back. Spend time investing in how it looks. Plant some flowers, paint the fence and freshen up the front door. A lick of paint can go a long way.

Choose Your Colour Scheme

When it comes to decorating downstairs you want the house to flow from one room to another. Whether you choose retro furniture, traditional oak or grey painted furniture for a modern look you need to choose your colour palette accordingly. Creating a sense of cohesion is very satisfying. By choosing a colour palette you will be able to adapt the wall colour to complement and find colours that go with grey painted furniture that you have already chosen.

Dress The Room


Now that colours combinations have been decided, the next step is adding those homely extras. When putting your room together you need to consider texture. The texture of items makes such a difference. By mixing them up you are adding depth to your space whilst enabling the room to become more comfortable and inviting. For example, in your living room, you may choose to add a chunky knit throw to your chair, to invest in a thick pile rug, or add some velvet cushions. These ideas all add comfort and texture.

Get The Right Lighting

The lighting in any room not only provides light to fill the space but creates an ambience. When decorating you should be aiming for three types of lighting to be present in each and every room. There is the main ceiling light, which is designed to provide an overall light to the whole room, then accent and more decorative lights. This could be in the form of lamps or up lighters. This acts to draw the eye to a particular area such as a reading corner or to shed light on decorative pictures. Then the third is mood lighting such as having candles dotted about the room to be lit and create that dim warm glow that makes any space inviting.

Don’t Clutter Your Space

It is important to ensure that you are adding your personality to every room but remember less is more when it comes to your home. If you get carried away you can create a space that becomes overstimulating and doesn’t embrace that relaxing cosy space that was originally envisioned.

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