5 Ways To Create A Beautiful Boho Bedroom

Boho style may be all over Instagram these days, but it’s more than just a fashion trend – it’s a culture with its own history and way of life. Effortless, laid-back fashion mixes with creative, artistic elements to shape a much-loved style that influences people all around the world. And what better place than your bedroom to introduce this relaxed approach into your life? Let’s look at how you can bring a bit of boho into your home. It’s easy if you know how.

What is “Boho”?

Firstly, it’s helpful to be clued up on the history of this diverse culture. Bohemian design originated in early nineteenth century Paris after the French Revolution when many artists and creatives were driven into poverty and forced to wear old, worn out clothing. The pursuit of wealth was put to the side in favour of leading a creative life with alternative ideals of beauty and fashion.

Today, eclectic and diverse style is at the heart of bohemian design, incorporating many different philosophies and ways of life. By introducing this into your bedroom, you’ll create a welcoming, characterful, calming space.

Start neutral

When designing your boho bedroom, start neutral. Keep your walls and bedding muted and go for a similarly subtle vibe with your wardrobes. You can build on these with a host of beautiful, eclectic, interesting accessories and soft furnishings.

Add statement pieces

A few statement pieces will add interest to your space. Wooden furniture is a must, so think carefully about your bed – rope and rattan headboards are a perfect addition to a boho bedroom. Consider investing in a standout chair, bench seat or footstool for added character and depth. Importantly, look for vintage or second-hand pieces for an authentic boho feel.

Display your knick-knacks

Bohemian design is all about embracing different cultures, so if you’re lucky enough to have travelled, put your souvenirs on display. Textiles, sculptures, paintings – anything from Moroccan lanterns to Indian tribal prints – will all help to foster individuality and achieve a global aesthetic.

Consider your colour scheme

Be brave with colour and pattern. The boho palette is all about earthy tones and jewel tones – think browns and greens, jewel colours and metallics. Mix these colours with a range of patterns. Consider florals, paisleys, tribal prints and geometric patterns. Don’t be afraid to go bold and don’t consider whether things “go” together. Think outside the box – boho style is devoid of structure and order.

Accessorise, Accessorise, Accessorise

Finally, accessories will really help bring life to your bedroom. Choose ones that use natural materials such as hemp, wood and rattan. Wall hangings, rugs, cushions, decorative ladders – they’ll all look at home in a boho boudoir. Natural elements are really key. Why not go wild with plants? They’ll help make your home feel colourful and full of life.

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