5 Of The Most Expensive Pieces Of Jewellery Sold At Auction

Any jewellery lover has a wish list of what they would buy if money were no object. From time to time, some of the most expensive jewellery in the world is bought and sold at an auction.  Many of these include diamonds and some of the diamonds names and origins are here if you want to read more about them.

These are some of the most interesting and valuable jewellery ever sold.

La Peregrina Pearl

A jewel fit for a Queen and bought for Hollywood royalty. La Peregrina has a long history. Discovered in 1576 off the coast near Panama, Le Peregrina was bought by Philip II of Spain, who incorporated it into the crown jewels. It was passed down through generations of kings before it was ending up with the brother of Napoleon.

It passed to a different kind of royalty in 1969 when Richard Burton bought it for his wife, Elizabeth Taylor, paying $37,000. He has it specially mounted on a necklace made by Cartier, who continues to enjoy a reputation as one of the most prestigious jewellery makers in the world. Check out the history of Cartier Love Bracelets to see the impact Cartier has had on one culture. Taylor was often photographed wearing La Peregrina at red carpet events and appearances.

In 2011, it sold five times its estimate at Christie’s in New York where one lucky buyer paid $11,842,500.

The Hancock Red Diamond

At only .95 carats, you might wonder what this diamond is doing on the list. This special stone is an extremely rare colour, with red diamonds being particularly desirable.

The Hancock diamond belonged to a farmer of the same name and was sold in 1987 for $880,000.

The Oppenheimer Blue Diamond

Perhaps the most famous diamond in the world. Named for its previous owner Philip Oppenheimer, whose family owned DeBeers diamond company, this 14.62 carat, flawless blue diamond, was sold in 2016 for $57,973,000.

Blue diamonds are extremely rare and that is part of the reason why it was sold for such a high amount.

The Type IIa D Colour Diamond Ring

Back in June 2020, this rock weighed in at 28.86 carats. It was sold for a record-breaking $2,115,000 at Christie's auction house.

This type of diamond is particularly rare and is one of the purest forms of diamonds with almost complete transparency. They are thought to make up between 1-2 per cent of all diamonds.

The Rockefeller Emerald

Set in a stunning diamond ring, the Rockefeller Emerald is one of the finest examples of emerald in the world. It was inherited by David Rockefeller from his mother. It was sold for $5,511,500 in 2017, a record at that time.

It has an octagonal step-cut emerald which is a rich green colour.


It's bizarre to think that there’s jewellery out there being sold for such huge sums of money. To have any hope of buying it, you’re going to need about 6 extra digits on your bank balance.

Yet people from all backgrounds are fascinated with jewellery. For some, it’s about personal expression, or is a status symbol, for others, it marks a special occasion or gift for a special person in our life.

Whatever jewellery means to you, it’s amazing to see the range of historic and beautiful pieces out there, especially as they are bought and sold so infrequently.

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