Create A Photo Book With bonusprint For Lifelong Memories

I don’t know about you but I rarely print out photos these days. In days gone by I always used to print out my photos, storing them in a photo album to look back upon the good times. Amazing holidays, special birthdays, and weddings especially. I’d take each photo selecting the best from a bunch developed on 35mm film and carefully place them in a photo album, covering them with the plastic that would stick and hold them in place. This is an advertorial.

Then smartphones happened. Smartphones of such a quality that you have a great camera in your pocket at any time. Being able to take a myriad of photos at any time meant that most of us didn't print out the photos we took as regularly as we once did. After all, many of us take hundreds of photos now every year, and a quick check on my phone shows over 15,000 photos! Have a look, you may be surprised how many you do actually take.

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Of course, the days of sending your photos off to print out have long gone. Almost as long a go as being able to go on holiday in a pandemic - I joke here but you can feel my pain I am sure!  So what I do now, after a life event is that I make a photo book online and print it out to keep to look back on. 

One such company that makes photo books are bonusprint. bonusprint is a well-known photo company that has been around in the UK since 1965 with high street stores being a feature of their company since 1979. They are a trusted brand that is proud of their quality products and a 100 per cent no quibble satisfaction guarantee. 

How To Create A Photobook

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The ordering process was straightforward and easy to use. Firstly you have a choice on how to create your photo book - you can create it yourself from scratch with complete control over it, or use the smart assistant to help you, great if you have limited time. Another option is to use a pre-designed photo book, which will also help you in the design process as you don't have to fuss around creating it. These books have themes like Classic Travel, Homemade Scrapbook, Colourful Baking and Growing Up Fast. I like the idea of making my own cookbook like this!

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If you decide to create the book from scratch you can either download the editor or create it online. The sizes vary from landscape, portrait or square and you have a choice of a hardcover or softcover book.

You need to create an account, which is free, then you go ahead and start making your photo book. The smart assistant sorts and organises the photos for you whilst you have lots more control with the design if you choose to organise everything yourself.


I decided to have a go making a photo book of our trip to Crete from scratch doing it all myself and found it was surprisingly easy to do. It does however help if you have a basic knowledge of photo editing packages like Paint or Photoshop.

If you are creating the whole thing yourself it helps to be super organised and have all the photos you want ready in a folder to save you time. You can save your creation as you go through so you don't have to create the photo book in one go with is useful to know. 

Once it's finished choose the colour of your cover,  the cover title, whether you want glossy pages or not and if you would like a smaller size copy as well for a charge on top of £9.99.  Then you are good to go. If you want a simple life, let the smart assistant help you with the organisation of the photos or go for the pre-designed photo book. Both of these are super ways to help save you time. 

Final Thoughts

bonusprint is a well-known photo company that allows you to order a wide range of personalised photo products, from wall art, personalised cards, photo calendars, and more. The photo books they produce are of great quality and if you are not happy with them they have a 100 per cent satisfaction guarantee.  I recommend you try out the creation of your very own photo book. You know you have a load of photos you want to print out don't you?! A perfect way to organise your photos and print them out in your very own photo book. Highly recommended.

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  1. I love making photo books. They are great to look back on from an amazing holiday

  2. We love photo books, my husband is a firm believer that photos need to be printed and enjoyed and not just stored on a device

  3. I love creating photobooks and find that I take time to appreciate the photos more that way. Bonusprint has a good template option and cover colour choice

    1. There is something therapeutic about looking through the photos and creating s book too

  4. I have so many photos that I would love to print out - I definitely should get a photobook from Bonusprint!

  5. I love making photobooks of our trips to remind us of the memories and fun times that we had. Whatever our first trip away is after the pandemic I'm going to create a photobook for x