Pantry House Food Review

Recently I was contacted by Pantry House to review some of their food products. I was sent a selection of goodies from their shelves to review on my blog. Let's look at what I was sent and what I thought of them. This is an advertorial.

Who are Pantry House?

Pantry House are an artisan fine food company you can find online and are based in Suffolk, in the UK. Pantry House sells a range of items from food cupboard items, to jams and spreads, cakes and biscuits to gluten free and vegan. The food is all specialist food items, many you won't find in your average supermarket, and that is what makes Pantry House special. The diversity and range of different food items including ethic products.

Mezette hummus

The first product I tried was the Mezette hummus. I was sent two different flavours, one with roasted red peppers and one with herbs. Both of these items do not need to be refrigerated. This hummus is in a snack pot and comes with breadsticks inside the packaging.

Flavour-wise they were good, not quite as nice as hummus you have to refrigerate though but the herb hummus was definitely my favourite. They are vegan, 100 per cent natural and preservative-free too which is great. I thought these hummus snack pots are a useful standby for an afternoon snack especially when you don't have access to a fridge.

Coolmore cake

The cakes I was sent from Pantry House were from the Coolmore range from the West Cork Bakery.  The red velvet cake my son really enjoyed. It had a soft chocolate crumb and a topping similar to cream cheese icing. Chocolate shavings on the top of the cake add a little flourish.

The coffee and walnut cake was my favourite. It has a mild coffee flavour, not overpowering and small pieces of walnut dotted throughout the cake. The icing is coffee flavour too and tastes really scrumptious. We really enjoyed these cakes and I would definitely buy them again.

Mrs Darlington's jam

Mrs Darlington is a family-owned brand that has 89 jams and pickles in its collection. The extra jam is a sweet soft set jam with plenty of fruit packed into the jar. I picked the raspberry jam for delivery and they sent me one for a neighbour too for free! 

The extra jam raspberry jam was perfect on toast and I think would be fabulous in cakes too. It was exceptionally fruity and sweet and tasted really homemade. They say they make their jam with love and I think it shows! A delicious jam when you want a more homemade taste than an average shop-bought jam.

Border Biscuits 

Border Biscuits are another great family-owned British business, who have been trading since 1984. I've tried Border Biscuits before, some of the best hotels have these on your tea and coffee tray so I was really looking forward to tucking into these.

The sharing pack is a great size for a household and is full of very tasty treats. I must admit, by the time it took to take a photo they had been nearly polished off by Mr W, but boy are they yummy! My favourite was definitely the chocolate Viennese Whirls, but other biscuits in this pack Butterscotch Crunch, Shortbread Rings, Chocolate Oat Crumbles, Sultana Melts and Chocolatey Cookies. I will most certainly buy Border Biscuits again for a real treat with a cuppa.

Artisan Natures Kitchen

The next products we tried were the Artisan Natures Kitchen, Veggie Burger Mix and Felafel. Artisan Grains is a natural foods brand with a range of 18 healthy ingredient products, meal solutions and snacks.

The Veggie Burger Mix with a Moroccan flavour was easy to make, you just add boiling water, mix, leave for 5 minutes and shape into patties. The Moroccan burger mix was spicy but not too hot and was very tasty. Being vegan and gluten-free I was also pleased to see it had no palm oil too. We have yet to try the felafel's but I think they will be great too.

Mr Organic pasta sauce

Mr Organic is an organic food range that started with a range of tomatoes, sauces and ketchups, all produced in their own tomato factory in Pontinia, south of Rome. Now they have a wide range of organic food from pasta to pestos.

The two pasta sauces I was sent were the Mediterranean and the arrabbiata. We have only tried the arrabbiata so far but it was a good quality tomato pasta sauce with some heat from the chillis. The pasta sauce is gluten-free, reduced salt and has no added sugar. Being both vegan and vegetarian as well as organic, this pasta sauce is a great addition to your food cupboard for a quick and healthy meal.

Hullabaloos lemonade

Hullabaloos is a company that makes all-natural lemonade. This award-winning company are proud that they take their ethical responsibilities seriously and put no 'baddies' in their drinks as they say.

I was pleasantly surprised by the 
Hullabaloos still raspberry lemonade I was sent. It was excellent. The drink was well balanced with a little sharpness and sweetness but was not overly sweet. I would definitely buy this one again. It had a good balance of sweet and sourness and was very easy to drink.

As you can see Pantry House has a great range of specialist artisan food with a strong emphasis on organic, vegan, and gluten-free products. I especially enjoyed the Hullabaloos lemonade and the Border Biscuits. Delivery was quick and delivery is free on all shopping over £50 in value. If you are looking for a specialist food company check out Pantry House, I highly recommended it.

Let me know, what do you think of the food I reviewed? Which would you try?



  1. I have never heard of Pantry House until today. They look like thes sell some really nice items. I love the look of those cakes and raspberry jam

  2. I have never heard of Pantry house but what a great selection. It all feels really luxurious as well. In fact I don't think there is a thing here I wouldn't love.

    Thank you for sharing, it sounds like a big hit x

  3. That all looks absolutely amazing!!!!! The cake... oh the cake! For me though, I absolutely adore Border Biscuits! I could gobble that share pack up in one with a good brew! It looks like such a fantastic selection - never heard of the company before - but looks perfect, especially with when reliant on doorstep deliveries! Sim x

  4. I have not tried most of the brands featured here but all the items look so tasty, I love how varied each item is and you have sauces, to snacks to cake as well.

  5. Wow, it looks like it has some wonderful products - I would be hard pressed to pick a favourite from them all as they all look so good.

  6. I love Pantry House and got some things from them recently, the jams are absolutely amazing.

  7. Our pantry never seems to be full! The joys of the kids being at home , love this bits , especially the duo and bread sticks , they’d go down a treat here

  8. Some yummy looking goodies here. I'm a huge fan of red velvet cake so that would be something I'd definitely pick, and you can't go wrong with borders biscuits x

  9. How fab is this, it is always good to find a store that stocks a range of lovely food products to try out yummy x

  10. The pictures in this post made my mouth water, I would love to try some of the foods you pictured!

  11. I don't shop for vegan, organic or gluten free products but I'm always on the lookout for good quality and delicious foods. I'll have to check out Pantry House!

  12. This just made me so hungry!