5 Luxury Gifts For Men

We all love a little luxury. High quality, upmarket and indulgent, a luxury gift is perfect for the man (or woman) who has everything. However, what luxury gift do you actually buy that special man in your life, be it a husband, a partner, a son, or a brother? Maybe it's a very special birthday, an anniversary or a wedding gift. Or maybe it's a graduation, retirement or new business celebration. If you need some inspiration check out my 5 luxury gifts for men that have everything below. This is an advertorial.

Quality Cufflinks

Cufflinks are a great keepsake for graduation or when starting a new job. Adding that classic touch to a crisp white shirt or a fashionable edge to a shirt and suit combination, cufflinks are a practical and useful gift as well. These cufflinks above by luxury brand Longmire are made of 18ct white gold and are carefully hand enamelled. The blue weave design is understated but the silver dots and crimped edge adds a style statement.

Luxury Brand Watch

A popular gift for the man who had everything is a luxury watch from a high-end brand like Omega, Breitling or Patek Phillip. The Omega Seamaster is water-resistant up to 1000 feet, more than some nuclear submarines and has added status being worn by James Bond. The Breitling Navitimer has features aimed at pilots with its flight-specific slide rule bezel which allows pilots to calculate things like average speed, fuel consumption and climbing speeds. While Patek Phillipe watches are super high-end made with the highest level of expertise in Geneva.

High-tech Road Bike

If they are really into cycling or are starting to take it very seriously, a high-tech road bike could be the gift they would love. Obviously, some research here will go far and you need to know the man pretty well to find out what bike he would be interested in without giving the surprise away, but what a gift! Bikes like this can run into thousands of pounds but if it's a real passion then it will be the ultimate gift for them.

Thrilling Flying Lessons

Flying lessons are a luxury gift that keeps on giving, and who knows, when they pass their private pilot's exams they may take you on a flight somewhere exciting. There are many small airports around the UK when you can take flying lessons in a helicopter or small aeroplane and with prices from £45 its a luxury gift that is surprisingly affordable too. If you are feeling generous a set of lessons can be the inspiration your loved one needs to take it further and before you know it you may have ignited a real passion for flying.

Exciting Supercar Day

If the person you are buying the gift for is an adrenaline junkie then what about a supercar day? With the need for speed mixed with driving luxury, most men would love a day racing cars. Choose from a Lamborghini, Ferrari or Aston Martin racing day on a racing circuit, or what about a Formula Renault car, a simple version of a Formula One car for that luxury gift for all the thrill lovers out there. One thing is for sure, it is certainly a memorable gift that they will never forget.

So here are my 5 luxury gifts for men. Whether you are looking for a keepsake, something practical, something to treasure for eternity or a memorable experience I hope you have found some inspiration with my ideas for luxury gifts.



  1. Great gift ideas, I got my husband some cufflinks (plus other things) for his 50th in January as something he could keep

  2. These are great ideas! I gave hubby a car day gift once, perfect for the car lovers out there. Though I'm sure he'd love *another* watch too lol!

  3. I did debate about getting Luke a formula one car experience for his birthday last month but I decided on something different. Luxury watches are always a good one but tend to be quite pricey so not something I can get every year x

  4. These are some fabulous luxury gifts for men! My partner sure would love the bike as he uses one most days :)

  5. Some brilliant gift ideas. Steve would love the supercar day for sure and I would be so tempted to get him a road bike!

  6. These are some lovely gifts you have rounded up for men. I am loving the watch, it’s absolutely gorgeous

  7. Both my dad and my brother would love these gifts, cufflinks and watch definitely more dad and supercar day for my brother.

  8. Great gift ideas, these would be the perfect gifts for a big birthday or something! I know my husband would especially love the supercar experience or some kind of formula one experience as he loves things like this!

  9. These are some lovely ideas. Ash is a fan of time pieces so I would love to get him a really special watch one day.