3 Simple Ways to Add a Little Luxury to Your Bathroom

Has your bathroom felt a bit drab lately? You’re not alone. After a long year and a long winter, cold porcelain bathrooms can start to bring you down. We had the same issue at home, and no matter how much we tried to brighten up our bathroom, it always felt a little dreary, but we made one big mistake.

Instead of trying to work with the space—the lack of natural light, the cramped floor space, and the porcelain whites—we were working against it.

Once we started looking at our bathroom in a different way, we were able to transform its atmosphere into a little spa-like haven at home.

In this post, I’m going to tell you how to do the same.  With a few design tips and easy additions to your bathroom, you can bring out the best in your space and enjoy a little luxury at home. This is an advertorial.

Embrace warm lighting

mother and child bathroom

For a long time, we tried to bring more natural light into our bathroom, but the problem was our bathroom only has a tiny frosted window. We used mirrors, special lights and more to solve the problem, but nothing worked.

Finally, we realised that natural lighting isn’t the only option. In fact, bathrooms can fare far better in soft, warm lighting. This is especially true if you have lots of reflective porcelain that can blind you in strong light.

Replacing your bright bulbs with a cute lamp or these awesome red neon signs for sale that give off a warmer glow, and lighting some candles, can really add to the atmosphere.

Warm lighting has been shown to reduce stress and promote a sense of calm. In the bathroom, it makes the space feel like a little spa at home.

Add antimicrobial towels


This simple change can make a big difference in your bathroom. Antimicrobial towels are resistant to all germs, so they’ll never carry harmful bacteria or start to smell musty.

This might not seem like a big deal, but it is. A study found that towels are the dirtiest objects in our homes - even dirtier than the toilet seat. Germs on towels can cause allergies, breakouts, inflammation, and serious illness. Your towels can even carry dangerous microbes like E.coli and COVID-19.

Antimicrobial towels remove all of these threats and make your bathroom a fresher and cleaner space. Our towels were really smelling so we were looking for an alternative to our standard towels and came across Soji Towels.

Soji are woven with real antimicrobial silver, so they’re 99.99% effective at killing germs, and they’re all-natural. The germ-fighting power of silver is spun right into the bamboo fibres, so it can never wash out or fade. Soji bringing a guaranteed clean feel to your bathroom and an end to towel odours forever.

They also add a touch of luxury. Soji are oversized towels with a thread count 3x higher than standard towels, and, they’re made with ultra-fine bamboo. This gives them a silky smooth feel and a bit more density, so you feel like you’re wrapping up in a big blanket after each shower.

There’s definitely a bit of luxury in knowing that your towel is fresh and 100% germ-free every day. You’ll also enjoy the peace of mind that comes from replacing the dirtiest things in your home with cleaner alternatives.

Antimicrobial towels are easy to find online, and they’re quite affordable. If you want to try Soji, you can use the link here to get a set for 50% off the retail price

Keep clutter contained

clean bathroom

Many bathrooms are already cramped. Clutter makes them feel smaller and more stressful, but it’s so easy to clutter your bathroom. You need to put so much stuff in there as is - hygiene, hair and cleaning products, makeup, towels, etc.

Then there are all the knick-knacks, but instead of trying to add to your bathroom with decorations, try to subtract the visible clutter that you can’t avoid.

If your sink is full of products, add a small shelf or cabinet. If your floor is cluttered by a broom, bucket, cleaners or toilet roll, store them in a closet somewhere else. To increase the tranquillity and luxury vibes of your bathroom, remember that less is always more.

Embrace your Bathroom

woman with hair in towel

Transforming your bathroom into a more luxurious space isn’t about making expensive changes. In fact, you may not need to change much at all.

The real task is to accept your bathroom for the space that it is - limitations and all and to work with what you have.

woman in towel

One of the easiest changes you can make is to replace your old towels with antimicrobial towels. Towels like Soji will instantly make your bathroom feel cleaner. Plus, they add a luxurious touch to your mornings, thanks to their super soft bamboo fibres and oversized folds. Find Soji here and take 50% off your set. If you’re due for new towels, why not upgrade?

Learn more about antimicrobial towels and get Soji today at sojitowel.com.



  1. My towels always seem to smell these days. Will check these out.

  2. Those towels look very soft. I think it's a good idea that they are antimicrobial