How To Grab A Jewellery Bargain

If you are reading my blog and especially if you are into fashion then you probably like jewellery. Jewellery can really finish a look, and whether your style is classic gold, cool silver or high street fashion then there is a way to save on jewellery and grab yourself a bargain.

Check out independent jewellers

Independent jewellers can be great for a bargain. Many are family-owned and have great customer service. I used to own a jewellery shop myself so I know how amazing they can be. If you see that perfect item there why not ask if they can offer a discount. Often you will have more bargaining power if the item is of high value and you are paying in cash as debit or credit cards will charge the store a transaction fee.  Always make sure you have a receipt and buy from a store that is a member of an organisation such as the National Association of Goldsmiths that adhere to a quality and customer service code. Independent jewellers will often have a great second-hand jewellery section too, where you can buy pre owned jewellery at a bargain price. 

Buy online

Buying online can mean that you can shop around for a bargain. Take note of seasonal sales, for example, Black Friday, and New Year sales and you may get that piece of jewellery you have been looking at for ages at a knockdown price. 

Sites such as Latest Deals are also worth a look too for jewellery bargains. They will show you a range of jewellery bargains and direct you to the company's website at no cost to you. 

Also, check out sites for jewellery discount codes so you know you are getting the best deals.

Go to an auction house

An auction house where people put their items into an auction sale will often have a decent range of jewellery. Check out a site such as Biddle and Webb, based in Birmingham who have specialist jewellery and watch auctions every few months. If you can't make it in person to an auction house you can often bid online for that special item you want. Auction houses charge a commission if you are selling or buying from them so check out the charges beforehand, which can vary from 10 to 20 per cent.

Car boot sales

You can occasionally get a jewellery bargain at a car boot sale. Check out local magazines and newspapers for dates of the car boot sales in your area. They often run every weekend in the summer. Get there even as it opens to check out the bargains before the hoards ascend on the stalls. It's a great place to pick up some fashion jewellery, and if you are lucky, even silver and gold. If you are serious about a bargain, bring along a magnifying glass to check for jewellery hallmarks.

Antique and vintage stores

Antique and vintage stores are amazing places to find unusual and unique jewellery items.  Antique and vintage store owners can be pretty knowledgeable about what they sell so it's always a good idea to bring your smartphone and Google the makers mark to find out about an item of jewellery so you are better informed to see if you have a bargain or not. These stores are definitely a place to get that unique jewellery item very few people will have.

Charity shops

Charity shops are a place to find a jewellery bargain. They will often have a cabinet with jewellery near the counter. To find a real bargain you will have to hope that the staff don't know how valuable the items are! Again bring a magnifying glass (or a jeweller's loupe) to check for a jewellery hallmark. If you know your collectable jewellery brands such as Tiffany, then you will be better equipped to find that special piece. You can pick up some great new and vintage items at charity shops.

As you can see there are a number of places you can grab a jewellery bargain. So whether you are adding to your Thomas Sabo collection, grabbing the latest Pandora charm, or trying to find a Clogau Gold ring at a bargain price there are places you can look. Let me know, have you ever bought an item of jewellery as a knockdown price?

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