What To Include In Your Ideal Weekday Evening Routine

Coming home from a busy day at work can sometimes feel as good as the first day of a week off. After dealing with all the stress, pressure and busy deadlines building up, five o’clock often seems like a gift sent from above. With that being said, a busy day at work normally leaves us dry of any motivation and effort to do anything that night. We get home, order food to be delivered to us and sit back and relax on the couch. Then we wake up the next morning and do it all over again!

You might not like hearing this, but this is not a great way to live life each day. As work consumes so much of our daily lives, we should use our free time wisely and fill it up doing different things. When it comes to choosing what to do with our evenings, this can be difficult. Keep reading to find out some things you can include in your ideal weekday evening routine.

An activity


Firstly, it can be very hard to switch off from work; this is especially the case if you find yourself working to tight deadlines every working day. To combat bringing the busy, stressful and anxious mindset home with you, we recommend planning an activity after work. It doesn’t matter what it is but separating your working life from your evening endeavours is a great way to go about chilling out. Many people choose to go on a lovely refreshing walk after work as walking is known to relieve stress and boost your mood. 

As well as walking, you can even opt to clean your house (within reason) or tick off some things on your personal to-do list each evening. This might be a good choice if you find it difficult to wind down and find some time for your personal goals each week. I know I have taken up colouring in a sketchbook and this helps me unwind, and my son is going to teach me how to paint next.


Do you take some time to exercise each day after work? If you find yourself working in an office and sitting at a desk for around eight hours per day, the thought of exercise might seem like a definite no. However, we should be aiming to reach our step count each day. Having a desk job is a lot of peoples’ dream or fantasy job but many forget that it can entirely limit the amount of exercise you do per day. This is why some of us opt to go for a walk at lunchtime or straight after work.

No matter what type of exercise you like doing, whether it is swimming, running, general circuit exercise or a HIIT workout, scheduling some time aside each day to exercise is a plus. You shouldn’t overlook the benefits of getting enough exercise each week! With that being said, do not push yourself to do one-hundred squats on Monday night – it isn’t worth it.

Cooking from scratch

While it is good to pick up some delicious food from our favourite takeaway on our way home from work, doing this all the time is not great for our physical and mental health. When looking to upgrade and create a lovely, ideal evening routine, you should be choosing things that will benefit both your mental and physical health in the long run. This is why I recommend preparing and cooking your meals from scratch if you have the skills and the time as there are so many benefits of doing so.

When you create your own recipes, you embed yourself in the process of winding down after work. Preparing our meals allows us to control what we eat, and we become more in tune with nutrition if we can see what we are eating. With this, you are also able to stay mindful of your overall health and use it as a stress reliever. What more could you want?

A bath

A fabulous way to entirely separate your mind from work stress and anxiety is choosing some self-care activities, like having a bath. Having a bath is a wonderful way to wind down after a busy day and let ourselves rest while relaxing our muscles. I also recommend that you choose a luxury bath product to use.  CBD bath bomb, Bath bombs containing CBD have been growing in popularity for several years as they are known to promote a state of relaxation. This is why m
any people who have muscle and joint pain entirely transform their evening routine with a bath consisting of CBD bath bombs and other natural, helpful ingredients. Check out Royal CBD for the legalities around CBD products. Don’t forget to follow your bath with a dreamy cruelty-free skincare routine.



After you have taken some time to do a fun activity, exercise, cook your evening meal and began the relaxation process with a hot bath, now is the perfect time to practice some mindfulness. There are multiple ways you can do this, so it is wholly possible to edit and tweak the options to suit you. One recommendation I have is journaling whereby you can keep a record of your emotions and thoughts of the day and set future goals. This is a fantastic way to wind down and get any of your troublesome thoughts onto paper. Going to bed with them shouldn’t even be an option!

Plan for the next day

The final thing to include in your evening routine is to create a plan or to-do list for the next day. I believe that if you head to bed with a mind full of stress and worry for the next day, then it will not be a night well-rested. You can tackle this in advance by writing down your thoughts for the next working day or week ahead and get them out of your head so you can spend the evening relaxing. To-do lists – like journaling – are a useful way to make plans and jot down your ideas. Plus, the satisfaction of ticking things off makes it worthwhile! It's also important to plan for self-care too so check out some of the best self care planners out there.

Overall, creating an ideal evening routine truly depends on the person. However, you should aim to try and release stress for the day ahead.

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