Ensuring Your Garden Is Fit For Purpose This Summer.

If you are out and about lately, you may notice that there are daffodils springing up here and there. This is a sign that spring and then summer is getting nearer. How exciting! However, there are some of us that won’t want to venture too far. There will still be restrictions in place, so it is important we are comfortable in our own homes and gardens. So why not bring the outside world into your garden? Below are some of the best ways to discuss why you can create the best garden you can for your home and your family. If you’ve got pets, you might want to carry on reading as well!

Take your garden back

artificial grass

Lockdown restrictions and social distancing rules mean that big parties may not be a thing for another couple of years. The good news is that it is likely that garden parties will be allowed in the next few months. Having friends around in the garden can be a fun way of socialising without breaking the law. Just keep to the numbers allowed and socially distance. There is one issue though. For some of us, our garden is either too small or gets too messy. We can’t have garden parties because it gets too muddy, and no one can rely on the British weather! That is, until realistic looking artificial grass became popular, and more importantly, advanced.

Socially distanced garden parties

garden party

Of course, you need to stick to the rules, but when the government allows you to have people around, you can have people round for drinks. Whilst in lockdown, you may not have to be house proud, you can still be garden proud. If you have an artificial lawn, then it will not be ruined by a party. Those muddy footsteps will be a thing of the past.

What’s more, you don’t even have to go and collect it. One of the other advantages of grass like this is that you can have it delivered to your door. If you are looking to go with artificial grass then you can consider ordering it online and installing it yourself. That way, you stick within the guidelines and you are in complete control.

This isn’t all just about creating a garden that means you can have a party though. It would be pretty silly to switch it up for one event. Switching up your garden like this means it is a garden for life. No more hassle of mowing the lawn. There will also be no more mud and no boggy mess when it rains all summer.

Can I have artificial grass if I have a pet?

dog garden

A lot of people look down on artificial turf as they believe it to be harmful to their pets. If you’ve got a dog or a cat, then you need to make sure it is well looked after, and a garden is vital to ensuring their wellbeing. They need to be outside, not only to do their business but also just to be out and about. In a similar way to humans, pets need fresh air to feel alive.

Although you can test for a pet’s intolerance to food items, you need to know that the environment isn’t causing it any harm. Fortunately, artificial grass has come a long way since first introduced. The technology involved in ensuring synthetic turf is suitable for the environment means it can now be friendly for pets. Give your home a garden that provides your dog with a safe space to play.

A special garden for a special summer


Ultimately, if you feel like your garden is a nuisance, then there are plenty of alternatives to help you keep it maintained. Sometimes, maintaining your garden can be a pain. A good artificial garden allows the kids to play football without ruining and churning up the grass and also is a good idea for an area around a kids slide. Whether it be winter, summer, rain or shine, this sort of grass allows your children and pets to do as they please.

It also allows you to do what you want with it! Whether it's parties, a hot tub or anything similar, you can ensure the weather won’t ruin your plans. You needn’t have any concerns about drainage either. The right type of lawn means the weather will wash off and most importantly for many of you, there will be no muddy foot, or paw prints traipsing back through the house.


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