Designer Home Style Products From Floately

I'm always looking for the latest stylish homeware and recently a company got in contact with me that offer interesting products. Welcome to Floately.  This is an advertorial.

Floately is a contemporary home brand selling unusual and decorative items, backed by a team of engineers and designers.  They use the latest technology to produce innovation home products for their design-conscious consumers.

Let's have a look at the products Floately sell.  This is an advertorial.

The Volta

The Volta was the first product that Floately developed. This light is unusual because it levitates. Yes, you heard me, it floats in the air. How unusual is that? It also has an energy-saving bulb that is made of anti-shatter glass so it's super safe. If you are looking for an eye-catching light that rotates on the spot then the Volta is for you. 

The Airsai

levitating plant

Have you ever thought you needed a levitating planter? Well, I didn't before now but after seeing the Airsai, I realised I need one in my life. The Airsai levitates in the air for 360 degrees of sunlight exposure, allowing plants to grow straighter and healthier, all while floating mid-air. Powdered by induction technology that makes it spin on the sport, there are 4 unique styles to choose from too, making this a novel gift for anyone who loves plants.

The Luna

If you are looking for something different and are a fan of celestial things then the Luna levitating moon lamp is for you. The 3d technology to make each lamp is amazing, as they use NASA pixel data. The Luna moon can stay in one position or rotate in the air. This levitating moving moon lamp and will be a talking point when you have guests, that is for sure, and will make an unusual gift.

The Nebula

If you are a music lover than the Nebula should be on your radar. This Bluetooth speaker lights up as music plays, putting on a lovely display. It rotates 360 and the HD surround sound music is loud enough to fill a room - how cool is that? Also, it pairs seamlessly with any Bluetooth enabled device and is also easily portable. The Nebula would make a fabulous gift for any music lover out there and people that love technology.

The Gravita

gravita lamp

The last product from Floately is the Gravita, a floating lamp. The Gravita illuminates the way with four interchangeable light bulb options. Touch operated, the lamp is button-free, has multi-charging options and is energy efficient. With built-in Bluetooth speakers too, it's a technologically advanced lamp that is design-led.

As you can see, Floately have a number of cutting edge products perfect for your home. If you love designer items that are practical, stylish and technologically advanced, then I recommend you check out the Floately website, I am sure it will float your boat! Let me know, what do you think of the items Floately sell? Which is your favourite design-led product? Visit and then let me know.



  1. I've seen the plant before but I didn't realise they had a whole host of diferent levitating items. I find them fascinating, thanks for sharing, Mich x

  2. I've got the floatly planter and it's so magical how it works, I could just sit and stare at it for ages. There are so many other cool products that they do x

  3. Oh ive seen these over on Instagram at they look absolutely beautiful, such a lovely piece for a room

  4. They have such a wonderful selection of items, they all look so cool! I would love some of these in my home!

  5. These are some absolutely amazing looking items! I have to admit I love the floating lightbulb that is so cool.