How to Pull Off Wearing Jeans That Make Your Figure Look Amazing

Jeans have been part of our culture for 140 years. Invented by Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis, they were originally sold as extra-sturdy denim workwear. Over the years their designs and uses have changed and jeans are now wardrobe staples for most women. Once considered casual wear, jeans are now seen everywhere from executive offices to fashion week's catwalks. They are long-lasting, attractive, and adaptable. Better yet, manufacturers offer so many styles that any woman can find jeans that flatter her figure and become part of a comfortable, trendy wardrobe. If you follow a few tips from fashion experts, you'll be surprised at how many on-trend, attractive looks you can create with jeans.

Find the style that's best for your body type 

Jeans can suit all body shapes, you just need to know what styles work best for your shape. In general, most women's body shapes fall into a pear, hourglass, apple, or athletic category. Once you have determined your shape, it is much easier to find flattering jeans at sites like For example, boyfriend styles look best on athletic and apple shapes. Flare jeans enhance pear and hourglass bodies. Apple, hourglass and athletic shaped figures also look great in straight-leg jeans. Trendy skinny jeans are not just for ultra-slim women either!

Choose a flattering rise

Each pair of jeans is made with a particular rise that affects how they look on you. Most styles fall into low-rise, mid-rise, or high-rise. Low-rise styles sit about 2" below the navel and are ideal if you want to showcase curvy hips. If you have an athletic build, they will look terrific on you, but you should wear a fitted style with stretch to keep them from hanging too low. Most women can wear mid-rise jeans, which sit just below the navel and pair well with a variety of tops. High-rise jeans sit at or above the navel and are considered classics. For example, a recent piece in Forbes recommended tailored high-rise flared jeans for shoppers who want a pair that never goes out of style. High rise jeans are ideal for athletic women with small waists and those with hourglass figures.

Decide on the ideal wash 

Jeans are also a fashion favourite because denim is available in a variety of washes. Basically, that means they are sold in different shades that range from pale blue to dark navy blue. While there is no fashion rule about denim washes, the darker hues are generally considered dressier and the lighter shades have more beachy vibes. Manufacturers also sell jeans in a rainbow of colours. If find that one shade goes best with your lifestyle, let that be your guide when you want to narrow down your choices.

Enjoy a few trendy pieces

Once you have found jeans that fit and flatter your figure, you will want to buy several pairs that you can use to build a wardrobe. Your closet should include several tried-and-true classic jeans and you will always own one beloved pair that feels absolutely perfect. But that doesn't mean you can't have fun experimenting with the latest trends. Every year fashion designers add new touches to old favourites and create on-trend looks. For example, you might be a plus-sized woman with several pairs of well-fitting skinny jeans but want to branch out. You could try a style recently showcased in New York Magazine. The article featured a pair of in-vogue high-rise carpenter jeans with wide legs.

Opt for jeans that suit your life stage 

While jeans have universal appeal and women of all ages are wearing them, some styles simply mesh better with women in specific stages of life. Very young women can wear almost any style and look cute. But then, teens and college girls don't always spend a lot of time in meetings or in upscale settings. Torn denim, overalls, and midriff-baring low-rise jeans are perfect for them and anyone who lives a laid-back lifestyle. But if you are a working woman or just need to maintain a polished look, more classic styles will help you do that. There's no age limit on jean style, either. The most fashionable over-50 women routinely create trendy looks with styles that include Capri, straight-leg, relaxed fit, and stretch-high rise jeans.

Stick with favourite designers

On your journey to find the perfect jeans you will find that certain companies tend to sell styles that fit you best. Unfortunately, there is no standard sizing for women's clothes and manufacturers tend to size them for their core customers. Once you find one or more brands that flatter you, buy several pairs. Not only will that boost your confidence, it makes shopping easier. Depending on your budget, your choices might range from designer fashions to affordable basics. When you are creating your look, you might find it easiest to stick to classics like Levi Strauss products. The company is still a go-to source for many shoppers who like classic denim.

Use jeans to create stylish looks 

Once you begin building a wardrobe of good-looking jeans, experiment with them. Try pairing each style with a different top and accessories. You might be surprised to find that the well-tailored straight jeans you wear with a t-shirt and sneakers also look terrific with strappy sandals and a dressy blouse. Be adventurous. Some favourite looks from recent runway shows included skinny jeans under a dress as well as white-cropped jeans worn with a shirt, jacket, and heels.

Few wardrobe pieces are as flattering or adaptable as jeans. You can find them in sizes and styles to suit any body type and it is not hard to build a wardrobe of jeans that make you look amazing. The key is to choose the style, rise, and wash that looks best on you. Select styles that mesh well with your lifestyle and throw in trendy pieces for fun. Shopping is easier if you stick with a few favourite brands. A well-chosen collection of jeans can take you anywhere, from day-to-night and from casual to upscale.

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