How To Make Your Old House Feel Brand New

Have you been in your home for a while now? Feeling like it's time for a change but aren’t necessarily ready to move? Here’s some advice on how to refresh your home and fall in love with your house again.

Time for a clear-out

Time to have a clear-out and create some new floor space. If you have an overwhelming amount of furniture to clear, why not invest in a house clearance company to come and help you remove the bulk of it? If you’re strapped for time, investing in professionals can help you reduce stress and also assist in the decision making process.

Do you really need this?

Ultimately you’ll feel refreshed once the bulk of your unneeded items have gone. If you aren’t sure what to get rid of, why not focus on specific areas over twenty minutes and clear one bit at a time. You aren’t going to clear the whole house in a day. Just ask yourself the question, do I really need this item? Think about how much better your house will look with all the newly available floor space.

Buy beautiful things

If you’re bored with looking at the same old furniture, why not invest in some beautiful items to bring you joy and add the wow factor. Try to avoid filling up floor space and instead make the most of your walls with interesting shelving units, wall art and light installations. Fill your shelves with colourful plants that wake up the room and give it a new lease of life. When you go shopping, to avoid ending up with a house full of clutter again, be really strict with yourself about what you buy. A few statement pieces will have far more impact.

Light up your room

Making your room lighter is far more likely to make it appear more welcoming. This could be done by painting in neutral but light shades and combining this with a lighter floor to make the room seem inviting. Try not to rely on one light, instead space out several smaller ones throughout your room, with a central light in the middle to bring it together. All of these items combined is not only going to refresh your house but give the room a whole new lease of life. You can also paint your doors and window sills to match your home’s new interior.

Create continuity

Is your house currently a set of individual rooms? Why not unify your house under one theme to really bring together and give the notion of a larger space. This can be done in a variety of ways, from using one floor across multiple rooms to unifying the concept with similarly patterned rugs and complementary colour schemes. Adding this extra step will also make the house seem more complete and together, bringing you peace of mind as a result.

There are many ways to redesign a home without having to move. Taking even one of the steps above will bring joy to your existing living space.

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