5 Jean Styles for 2020

Almost every woman has a pair of jeans in her wardrobe. There is a perfect pair of jeans for every shape, every style, and every person.

Bootcut jeans are back in fashion and a great wardrobe staple which can look great day or night if styled right to bring you up-to-date. Cropped jeans are great if they are the right length for your legs, even short girls like me can wear them if you wear shoes with height. If you want to rock the relaxed look, go for some distressed jeans, whilst ripped and skinny jeans are not just the preserve of celebs, style them right and secure your place at the front of the fashion pack.

Here are some of the styles for 2020 that we will all be wearing.


Skinny jeans are here to stay. Get some well-fitting skinny jeans that are super soft. so they feel comfy on and choose high waisted for the modern look with the benefit that they will stay put and pull you in, and no muffin top either. If you go for the lighter weight skinny jeans they will feel like leggings and move with your body.


Cropped jeans are a summer staple. Wear cropped jeans with knee-length boots in the winter and for the summer wear them with sandals or wedges for the evening.  Culottes are a version of cropped jeans that always look effortlessly stylish.


Jeans that are vintage are great for the environment. Rather than bin an old pair of your jeans, repair them and upcycle them with different buttons, patches and pockets. Or scout out the vintage and charity stores for some cool jeans. As well as saving money you won't be adding to huge pile of clothes that go to landfill every year.


Bootcut jeans are back on-trend. Always flattering and leg-lengthening they are a great classic style to have in your wardrobe and suit every age. Choose high waisted bootcut jeans for a very modern look. Grab a pair of cowboy boots and unleash your inner cowgirl!

Ripped and distressed

Not everyone's 'cup of tea', ripped and distressed jeans were all over the catwalk recently. An urban style, these look good with biker jackets for a rocker look or brogues and a jacket for a tomboy look. In fact, depending on the colour of the jeans and the distressed style, ripped and distressed jeans can be surprisingly versatile.

So these are 5 jeans styles for 2020. Do you have a favourite style of jeans?

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