Beauty Sleep is Real: How You Can Get Your Necessary Beauty Sleep

For many years, the phrase ‘I need to get some beauty sleep’ was dismissed as either a common saying or a joke. However, beauty sleep does exist and it is needed if you want to look your best every day. 

Beauty sleep isn’t just about sleeping for extended periods of time, as many would have you believe: it’s about getting a high-value, comfortable sleep for the right amount of time. With the right strategy in place, you’ll be able to enjoy truly nourishing beauty sleep every night. 

The benefits of getting high-quality beauty sleep include fewer breakouts, brighter eyes, even skin tone, and your skin will heal faster, according to Web MD.

During sleep, your body heals itself. So, after a long 16-hour day, your body needs seven-to-eight hours to get to work on repairing your skin. If you don’t sleep well during this necessary recovery period, however, your body isn’t given the chance to revitalise, leading to tired, worn-looking skin. 

Not to mention that the majority of people are plagued by several sleep disorders. If you suspect you have one or are diagnosed, it is important to use the right tools and equipment to get the deep sleep you need. If you use a CPAP machine to help you breathe evenly during the night, it is important to regularly clean and sanitize it as with other accessories to ensure that your skin doesn't break out.

Modern life is stressful, so getting proper beauty sleep is more important than ever. But how does one make the changes necessary to achieve a state of beauty sleep on a nightly basis?

Get the right bed

There are many reasons why you might not be getting the perfect night of sleep, but the most common cause is the bed – or more specifically, the mattress.

It’s integral to make sure that you have the best mattress to achieve better sleep in a comfortable bed as if it’s uncomfortable, you’ll often struggle to get to or stay asleep. Many will boast about the need for a memory foam mattress, but the best quality mattress is made from many different components. The Casper mattress design and engineering team found that for the best night sleep, people need comfort, support, temperature regulation, and durability in their mattress

This is why they created their high-quality range of supportive mattresses as a hybrid of all great mattress materials. The hybrid mattresses feature a breathable top layer, pressure-relieving memory foam, transition foam to add support, and further support-adding zoned coils.

Many celebrities who rely on being beautiful at all times, such as models and actresses – see Naomie Harris above – know that having a high-quality mattress is integral to their beauty sleep. The mattress is the best place to start.

Having a comfortable bed in place is the first step towards achieving beauty sleep as it will give you the hours of comfort needed. The next step is giving your body an assist in the recovery process.

Give your body the fluids it needs

Modern-day life is full of stresses and demands, with one of the few dependant reliefs and boosters being that of caffeine. If you’re feeling drained or unmotivated a cup of coffee or even a cup of tea can give you the boost that you need to crack on. However, caffeine has its downsides too – primarily its impact on your sleep.

As detailed by the NHS, it has been found that having a dose of caffeine akin to what’s in a large coffee can disrupt your sleep even when taken as long ago as six hours before bedtime. So, if you aim to go to bed at midnight, don’t have any coffee after 5 pm. The caffeine dose was found to reduce the total amount of sleep time by an hour, which robs your body of important recovery time.

It’s a tough habit to crack, especially if you take your work home with you or your job is particularly tiring, but it’s important for your beauty sleep. The key is to replace your bad habit with a good habit. As a fundamental part of your skin’s health is hydration, drink plenty of water in the evenings.

You won’t want to drink any within an hour of going to bed as you may get woken up when nature calls, but plenty of water in the evenings will benefit your skin greatly.

Beauty sleep is real and you can reap the benefits of younger, healthier, and more beautiful skin by making sure that your nights are as comfortable and uninterrupted as possible. Start with a high-quality mattress and then build a new routine to benefit your body.

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