Easy Ways to Save Money Every Day

Saving money is easier said than done for a lot of people.

Though you know that you have financial goals that you want to accomplish, it seems like you’re so busy paying for bills that you’ll never have the cash that you need to reach your targets. However, the truth is that anyone can meet their financial goals – all they need is the right strategy.

Changing your attitude towards money with a few simple tricks could help you to transform your life one day at a time. Here are some quick and easy ways that you can begin to save money every day, starting now. This is an advertorial on easy ways to save money every day.

Repair things, don’t replace them 

Just because the bottom of the heel on your shoe has come off, doesn’t mean that you have to buy a brand-new pair. As long as you have all the pieces, you can easily glue the heel back on. If you have a hole in your dress, try repairing it with the sewing machine or by hand. What’s more, there are still people out there who can repair expensive shoes for a small fee too. If it would be cheaper for you to repair an item than replace it, then don’t throw anything away immediately.

The next time something expensive in your life breaks – including your shoes, your washing machine, or even your car, find out whether it can be fixed first. There are a number of tutorials on YouTube so have a look.

Collect your Loose Change

Once you drop a coin into your bag or leave it in your pocket in your coat at the end of the day, the chances are that you’ll forget all about it. Change ends up gathering around the backs of our chairs, and on bedside tables, however, that loose change is still money – and it could be going towards a good purpose.

Gather all of your change at the end of each day and place it into a pot. At first, you’ll just have a few pennies here and there. However, over time, you’ll end up with a ton of loose change that you can take to your bank and have put into your bank account. Even if you just saved £20 in total – it’s something. You can utilise this for a holiday fund or use it in self-service machines at the supermarket to pay towards a food shop. Every little helps.

Try a no-spending day 

If you’re the kind of person who’s always connected to their credit or debit card, then the idea of having a “no spending” day might be a perplexing one. However, it is entirely possible to go through a day without spending any cash at all. Try picking one day a week to begin with where you don’t spend anything. Plan in advance so you are mentally ready. That means that you take your own pre-made lunch with you to work, and you don’t buy a coffee when you’re walking into the office.

It might feel strange to go without cash for a day at first. However, gradually, you’ll get so used to the routine that it’s completely natural. You could even end up spending a few days a week not spending anything at all. 

Invest in Yourself 

Buying things that make you happy and more likely to succeed isn’t a bad idea. While taking on instant credit so you can purchase that new motorcycle you’ve always wanted might not be a good idea if you’re already struggling with your cash, the same loan could be valuable in another scenario. For instance, if you’re borrowing money so you can buy a computer and take night classes, then that could pay off by getting you a better job.

Think about how the money you’re spending is going to pay off in the long-term, and don’t be afraid to invest in yourself from time to time if you can afford it. If you know that the money you’re spending now is going to have value for you in the months or years to come, then you won’t feel as bad when you’re using it. 

Learn a New Skill 

Finally, one of the easiest ways to save more money is to learn a new skill. Rather than having to call a plumber every time your faucets start leaking, learn what you have to do to fix the problem yourself by looking things up online or watching a couple of videos as I've mentioned before. You can also take the same approach to learn how to grow your own vegetables or cook your favourite takeaway meals at home. This new skill could also earn you money. I taught myself blogging a few years ago and now I make a full-time income from it.

Learning new skills will make you less reliant on other things that cost money. At the same time, the more you learn, the more your confidence in yourself and your abilities will start to grow. You’ll love how great it makes you feel!


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