The Benefits Of Dark Wood Flooring

Most of us like to keep our homes light and airy, opting for brighter shades for the walls and warm honey tones for our flooring. It’s no surprise that engineered and solid oak flooring tends to be the best seller, offering a warm and hospitable statement as well as being very versatile, going with many different furnishings and interior themes. But how exactly do dark hues compare to lighter alternatives? We are going to explore how dark flooring can work in harmony with your interior décor. This is an advertorial.

With a whole range of options and benefits dark wood has to offer, you’re very likely to get your flooring wish. Whether style is important to you, or practicality is something you just have to prioritise, they’ll be something for you. From walnut, dark distressed oak to acacia, they are all guaranteed to bring their own unique charisma and character to your home. Still, leaning towards lighter colours? Here are some reasons we think dark wood flooring might just be for you…

Easier maintenance 

When we’re looking for new flooring, most of us will want to know how easy it is to keep clean and maintain, especially if you come from a busy family household! Modern life is getting busier and busier and generally we don’t get around to cleaning as much as we’d like to. Luckily though, dark wood is actually better at keeping your house looking fresher for longer.

The dark tones are great at hiding a build-up of dust and debris – you can only imagine how many hours you’ll save on sweeping and vacuuming! This also works with scratches, stains and dents – real wood already has a long lifespan, but this can add many more years of your flooring looking new.

Chic tradition 

Dark wood tends to provide a more modern, elegant look than lighter wood floors. Equally, the dark rich colour can offer that traditional grand look, many homeowners opt for it to give a lavish and striking impression. It also shows off the wood’s natural imperfections of knots and grains better than a lighter flooring. Additionally, the darkness will contrast charmingly with lighter furniture and walls, it will really offer a vivid and bold statement!

Brings proportion to larger spaces

Most of us could probably do with having a little more space in our homes. The only thing is when we do have a large space, sometimes it can look rather empty, in turn, your interior can look cold and uninviting.

The good news is dark flooring can help bring proportion to a larger space. Because it absorbs more light, it helps the room feel smaller without taking away from that fantastic space.

Less likely to fade

When you’re indulging wood flooring, you want to feel sure that it’s going to last and cope with the wear and tear of everyday life. However, it is important to consider how much natural light your floor is going to be exposed to, as unfortunately, wood flooring can discolour over time. You’ve probably guessed where we’re going with this…darker wood is much less prone to looking washed over time, requiring less sanding than a lighter flooring.



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