5 Family Friendly Destinations In Spain

Spain is a hot destination all year round, for solo travellers, couples and families alike. There is so much to see and do in Spain and so many different places to visit that it is little wonder to see why it is so popular for holidaymakers.

It is such a family-friendly destination too! I wanted to talk to you today about the five most family-friendly destinations in Spain - have you been to any?

Sometimes people choose to go to resorts. These are great for families especially if you have the option of going all-inclusive so you don’t have to worry about a food budget either. There are usually plenty of activities for families to get involved with.

Another option is hiring a villa. There are plenty of villas in Spain to choose from and they are great for families too. You can get villas on the outskirts of resorts so you can still get involved in fun activities or if you prefer a little more privacy, you can choose one a little more out of the way. Villas are great as they offer a space that is a bit more private than a hotel room on a resort and tend to feel a lot more like home with different bedrooms, a kitchen that you can utilise and sometimes even your own private pool!

So where would I suggest holidaying as a family if somewhere in Spain is on your list?

Mallorca or Majorca

Mallorca or as it is also referred to Majorca is one of Spain’s Balearic Islands and has gorgeous sheltered coves. There is plenty to do there as a family, especially if you love being out and about in nature’s surroundings. With beautiful beaches, fun water parks, tons of caves to explore and plenty of historically interesting buildings and areas, you will never be stuck for things to do! Check out this post on what to do in Mallorca with children


A vibrant city, Barcelona has plenty to offer. There are walking tours for the whole family, play spaces if the kids need to exert some energy and the adults need some R&R, numerous parks and so much more. There’s a fantastic science museum for kids who love to learn too and there are plenty of eateries in the city designed with kids in mind. Certainly, a wonderful city to visit with children.


The capital city may not be the first place you think of in Spain for a family friendly holiday but cities have just as much to offer as coastal resorts or islands, sometimes perhaps even more. The city has over thirty attractions for children and adults with the city’s amusement park being most popular with both locals and tourists alike! There are also parks such as El Retiro where you can have a boat ride, theme parks, museums, zoos and so much more. You could never be bored in Madrid!


Part of the Costa Blanca, Alicante offers a balanced mix of thrills from its escape room and the chocolate factory to relaxation at the stunning Algar Waterfalls with its natural pools. It might not be the first place to come to mind but it truly has a lot to offer.


A popular destination for many people in the UK, there is so much to do here. You can ride a camel at the islands national park, get to feel the heat from the volcanic ground, visit the zoo or even brave the slides at the island’s biggest water park. The landscape is interesting as well with cactus, black beaches and volcanoes. The choice truly is extensive.

Here are my top five Spanish destinations to visit as a family. Are there any others that you really enjoy that you would care to suggest?

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