How Colour Can Affect A Room

Colour can have a dramatic effect on a room. You have to choose wisely or you can pay greatly for the mistake. But what actual effects do they have and what wallpaper colours should you be opting for in your household? Wallpaper from the '70s a small designer wallpaper manufacturer got in touch with me recently and this post is written in conjunction with them.

Going forward into 2020, there are plenty of wallpaper trends to look ahead to. What colours should you be opting for in the New Year and why should you be choosing them? Lively bold colours are soon to be big! Regardless of trends though, it is important to choose the colours that best suit you and reflect the message that you are trying to portray.

The colours you choose for the rooms in your home are a direct representation of your personality. It may not be something you give a lot of thought to but the colour of a room can affect us in our day to day life. Specific colours can garner certain reactions from people. I’ve picked five wallpaper colours that you might want to use and tell you what effect they can have.


You may not have ever considered yellow wallpapers but they are perfect if you want to create a happy space. It brings the colour of sunshine and will brighten up any day. The best rooms to use this colour in are kitchens and bathrooms as these are bright and open spaces which lend themselves to bright and happy colours such as yellow.

It also works really well in small spaces as it makes them look a lot bigger and more cheerful. It is best avoided in larger rooms such as the living rooms or bedrooms unless they are also quite bright and airy with plenty of natural light coming in. It was definitely a colour I considered when renovating my kitchen.


The colour blue is the perfect choice if you want to provide a calming and relaxing space for your friends and family. It is a great choice for bathrooms for this reason - after all, who doesn’t love to laze in the tub and just relax?

It is also a great choice for bedrooms but if using light blue, it is best suited to rooms which have a decent amount of natural light. Warmer and darker blues are great for living rooms and family rooms.

There are so many different shades of blue that you really are spoilt for choice with wallpaper - it is a colour, which in its variety of shades, can easily decorate a whole house. It is important to get the right blue for the right room though.


Purple can be quite an intense colour to choose as wallpaper. Whether you are choosing the darker hues which seem quite sophisticated or lighter versions which feel quite relaxing, it’s an amazing colour to use in bedrooms - a wonderful place for rest and relaxation.


Another bright and intense colour that may not be your first choice, is orange. This colour makes a wonderful addition to living rooms and bedrooms. It is an incredibly fun colour and evokes a lot of energy so is also a fantastic choice for a playroom. It is also a great colour idea for a home gym as it will certainly inspire you to get exercising.


This is not a wallpaper colour for everyone but it can make such a difference to a room. The colour is not best suited to a full room - it can really darken a room and restrict the amount of light that comes in. It is better used as a focus colour - used on one wall in particular. It can evoke many different emotions so it is best to use it in small doses.

With so many different colours of wallpaper to choose from, it can often feel overwhelming to opt for a particular colour. This is why it is important to do your research, work out what you want from a room and choose the wallpaper colour that best aligns with that decision.

I am planning on changing up some of my rooms in the New Year - opting for some different colour schemes in some rooms in the hope of making them a more welcoming and friendly place to relax or have guests over in.

What colours do you have in your rooms? Did you choose them for a particular reason?


  1. I love that yellow wallpaper. Going to have a look where to buy it!

  2. The black and white flowery wallpaper is really lovely. I think this would work well on a feature wall in a bedroom perhaps.

  3. The orange wallpaper is so pretty.

  4. I like the flowery blue wallpaper. Colour can really affect a room, I agree.